The lessons of rain

December 23, 2016

Sometime back ago. Since I happened to be the most dearly unfortunate to chance across a group of Christians spinsters whose car had konked out by the side of the road. I offered them all a lift – when they were all sitting somewhere amid the mountain of mess in my Landcruiser. One of them noticed that I kept a extra change of clothes along with a towel and a bag of toiletries.

I could tell from the evil looks they were giving me from the rear mirror – what they were all thinking – I don’t suppose they would ever believe me, if I told them….I like to walk in rain.


‘There is something valuable to be learned from a rainstorm. When it’s raining cats and dogs – at first one tries not to get too wet by scurrying beneath the eaves of buildings. But try as hard as one may….one still ends up with a soaking.

But when one is mentally resolved from the beginning to get wet – suddenly all that nervous energy of scuttling around like a rat settles down quite nicely – suddenly one is filled with an unusual clarity. And all forms of confusion disappears, though one will likely get the same soaking.

At least one proceeds steadily in this rain with a calm attitude that one is actually walking in the rain and there can really only be one outcome – we can only get wet.

There’s a certain beauty to this picture of a man who walks in the rain calmly as if it’s any other day….it is hardly the air of resignation that this figure radiates that completes this picture.

Rather it is the completeness of his understanding that he will get wet. As if he means to soak up every drop, while all around him, there is the blur of those who are scurrying hastily to do the opposite that renders this scene an uncommon beauty.

The philosophy of walking in the rain seems to extend to most things in life.’

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