Finally Peace….

December 24, 2016

This morning I went to a prearranged breakfast meeting with rival landowners – when I arrived. I was shown to a seat facing the east….in the language of the old country. This signifies my lowly status. Nonetheless I took my seat without complain.

When the food was served. I ate from a separate bowl from the others on the table, that signifies – my status as a ronin. Again I ate without complain.

When one of the landowners noticed my tea had not been touched. He gestured that I should drink – again I did not take insult and drank from my cup.

That was when I told the rest of the landowners on the table that I have come here to pay my respect before I take my leave for good – my cup was filled as the leader amongst them gestured, drink.

Again I drank as the others talked and ignored me – after a while when I was given permission to take my leave.

I got up from the table. A single chopstick dropped on the floor – it made an unusual sound like steel finding something equally hard.

Someone on the table exclaimed…your chopstick?

I ignored him. As the rest of the landowners exchanged looks of quiet understanding on how politics is conducted in accordance to the ancient ways of the old country – when a waiter was about to pick it up. He was stopped abruptly with the words, leave it…he has no further use for it.

They all rose from their seats one by one.

I looked at them all, smiled and nodded curtly and walked into my new life.

It was a very beautiful morning.


3,000 years ago somewhere in China

‘Kwai Loong the greatest swordsman who ever lived was shown to his chair for a banquet with the Warlord of Yuen – despite being the East facing seat. The great swordsman did not take insult and humbly took his seat.

When the food was served. Kwai Loong dined on earthen ware while the warlord and his generals picked away on porcelain cutlery. Again the great swordsman did not complain or take insult and humbly ate his share.

During dinner when the warlord of Yuen asked Kwai Loomg whether the great swordsman had considered the standing offer of the kingdom of Yuen to join the ranks – the great swordsman said that would not be possible as he had retired as a hired swordsman…and all he wished for was to tend his small veggie plot and live the rest of his life quietly.

After delivering the message, Kwai Loong asked permission to take his leave – instead the warlord of Yuen filled his cup and said, drink….after a while. The warlord excused him.

As Kwai loong rose from his seat – his sword fell out it’s scabbard with a clang…one of the generals exclaimed ‘your sword’. Kwai Loong did not respond. When the general was about to pick it up. He was abruptly stopped by the warlord who rose up from his seat as if to say something. The guards at the fringe of the room stiffened taking one step forward….Kwai Loong scanned them all with knowing eyes – then as if struck by a rare moment of epiphany – the warlord’s shoulders sank as he realized the finality of the great swordsman’s decision and said it a voice of sadness and resignation. ‘Leave it…he has no further use for it.

As Kwai Loong walked thru the vermillion gate into the world – he realized it was the most beautiful day in his life – he felt some how lighter as if a huge burden had been lifted from his soul…and that was not unusual. Not at all. As that was the first of many days to come when Kwai Loong the great swordsman was not carrying his trusted sword.’

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