The value of face

December 26, 2016

Some people feel that I paid too heavy a price for peace with my business rivals – they say, you have no face now!

But I always ask of them – why do you fear peace more than war?…Tell me please – how much are you prepared to pay for peace? How far are you prepared to go for it.

Usually they can never answer my question satisfactorily as they’re too caught up with the idea of face….I suspect that’s because none of them have ever borne witness to the white knuckle terror of war….I on the other hand know this hell very well in my last life in Africa.

As for face… That is a meaningless commodity to me….what is important is I know who I am deep down in the marrow of my bones….no one can ever take that away from me!

That is all I need to win!

The rest is just nonsense.


‘I can’t help but feel, it’s very sad when a man seems to be able to dream one dream….it goes something like this.

A man is dining in the restaurant all by himself. There is nothing unusual about this. As this man is always alone. A assassin walks in – he bears a pistol, the other diners stream out hastily. A few scream. But most run as fast as they can – but this one man remains.

As the gun man approaches his table – the man puts down his cutlery calmly, wipes his mouth with his napkin and straightens his bushjacket. He seems to know the time has come. Nothing seems to surprise him. As he has probably replayed this scene in his mind eye a thousand times – he knows it so well that he even tries to calm down the nervous gun man, as he struggles with the safety by asking him in a calm voice – to proceed slowly….and please don’t make a mess.

When the gun is leveled at this man – he does not cringe. Neither does he show any resistance. Instead looks directly into the barrel and simply express to this lone gunman or maybe himself or perhaps even to providence – today is a very good day to die.

Remember me always.’


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