A very very nervous 2017

December 28, 2016

It seems my neighbor is so worried about what President Trump will do once he’s in control of the all the levers of power. That his wife has informed me – he can hardly sleep these days without disturbing her in bed.

She has even told me, her husband plans to be a prepper next year. And he has been researching on plans to construct a nuclear hideout – as he believes world war 3 will break out sometime in the middle of 2017.

Recently when the neighbor berated me for being apathetic as he summarized – I don’t seem very concerned at all – I told him, but I am…..I am very concerned about my salt intake.

He was flabbergasted.


‘2017 is likely to be a very nervous year. There is so many things to be anxious about – has the world tilted ever so slightly from it axis? Is that why we have been experiencing round after round of crazy weather? Will I still be able to enjoy my cup of coffee every morning next year? As I hear the Robusta bean harvest has been badly affected in S.America –it seems a deficit is forming. There could also be an increase for oils and butter as well, because processing has declined due to erratic dairy yields.

What about Trump? Is he a racist? Will he be the one to close the door shut on America? And what about China and Russia will they both gang up to create mayhem?

And all this is just the tip of the iceberg – it seems we are proceeding into a new year where the only certainty is there will be more uncertainty.

The world has never been so nervous before….will 2017 be the year when mankind all but destroys itself…will it be the end of the world as we know it?

I don’t know and to be quite frank, I don’t really care enough to lose sleep over those concerns – the great lie of this world is there are often many things we urgently feel we should be part of…only because others seem to show interest in it.

When in fact, we don’t really have to sign up for the deal at all – to me it makes far more sense to worry about mundane stuff – like making sure I cut my veggies without being too distracted so that I don’t hurt myself…or being able to sew a button properly so that I don’t need to throw out clothes that can be fixed…..to trying to reduce my salt intake. Those seem to me like realer threats.

Reducing all the complications of the world to the point where one can tell the difference between what’s important and frivolous I reckon is key to keeping one sane and healthy in an increasingly crazy world.

As for the rest it matters very little to me.’

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