The boy who ran to America to seek freedom

December 30, 2016

I will be very honest. I have never read a single post or watched a single vid produced by Amos Yee. I don’t support nor condemn him. Neither do I support those who support, condemn or remain indifferent to his world view.

Truth is. I simply don’t know what he’s all about. All I know about Amos is he always seems to end up on the wrong side of the law in Singapore.

Amos is currently petitioning the US for asylum.

I hope he discovers his calling in life when he is in the US. After all his counter part Alvin Tan was reincarnated as a porno star in the US – I am very happy for him….if he is happy doing what he is doing. But even then it has to be a very big ‘if’. After all when Alvin was doing all those outrages things when he was in straight jacketed Singapore. I guess he must have felt like a captive all his life who steps out for the very first time beyond his 12 by 8 cell – imagine suddenly he comes into pure unalloyed freedom – imagine all that power pulsating thru his veins. While this man was in his cell, there were only two worlds for him – the world of the cage, and the world outside the cage. Now he is free. He feels he can do anything in this new found land called freedom. He goes on a rampage He’s wilder than wild.

Yet I don’t for one moment believe he can be entirely satisfied…not with freedom at least – for there is no third world that is neither the world of the cage nor the world outside the cage – and since those who put so much faith in external freedom secretly yearns to discover this alternate third world within the universe called freedom……they can only be crushed by the reality….that world does not exist – that is the paradox of searching for freedom outside the self in the external world, it can at times be such an anti climax and even heart breaking.

As true freedom can only exist within the self.


‘America is not an easy country to live in – it just seems that way because so much of what we all know about America is derived from movies, magazines and books. Unfortunately, there remains a big gap between reality and fiction.

Although the US is known world wide as the land of the free – it is without a shadow of doubt, the highest expression of the land of the fee.

As only the rich can enjoy freedom in America. If one is poor or doesn’t have any life skills that the market is willing to pay for. Then life in America can well be very hellish and miserable.

Worst still. If one is under the delusional belief being controversial can some how lead to fame and fortune – then one can only be sorely disappointed in the US. As since there are so many weird, outspoken and full frontal people in the US and some of them even make it to be Presidents – it is very hard for one to stand out of the crowd unless one is exceptionally good at that game.

This I feel must be the greatest irony for people like Alvin Tan and now Amos Yee – when the former was around in Singapore and Malaysia – doing what he did. I guess he always felt a deep satisfying rush whenever he could punch a hole thru the boundaries of what many considered normal and acceptable.

Imagine all that power going up to a persons head faster than even alcohol!

But I am sure after spending two and coming to three years very soon in the US doing what he does and realizing absolutely no one there even gives two shits about what he’s trying to prove to the world. Not enough at least to vote with wallets. Not enough to never take a second look. As it takes a helluva lot to shock the shit out of Americans…they’re the quintessential drama mama society – that I feel must come as a sad shock to even Alvin himself….the very idea that he’s so ordinary, normal even to qualify as perhaps just another Joe in America – tell me what is there to do after one realizes the game is over?

Where does one go after the road runs out?

Except maybe try one’s best to acquire some life skills by fitting night school somewhere between work, work and more work. To eventually hold down a nine to five job. Learn to say yes and no sir and hold one’s tongue. Avoid eye contact with the boss. Lease or put a down payment on a flat, pay the bills on time, shop for groceries on a weekend when they have ten percent off, learn to flip an omelette, sew a button, clear the sink of gunk, get by with superglue and duct tape, settle down with a girl and be like everyone else in America.

Yes be like everyone else in America….I think that’s the real irony of freedom and the trying to find that unquantifiable quantity in a place like America – it’s not really so different from anywhere else, not even Africa or where I am staying right now smack the middle of the wild where I don’t even see a human or car for months on end…I guess what I am trying to say is the realities of life will ultimately push right thru like how the Himalayans grows at least two inches skywards every ten years…it’s a powerful force – no one can possibly escape it’s hypnotic gyre…try as hard as you may…but like some invisible force it will always force a man into it’s mould.

That’s the dao of life.

That I imagine is what most people don’t ever care to know or even bother to think about when they’re young…everything eventually finds it’s equilibrium like water tumbling down a river with the fullness of vigor only to give all of it’s life force and grow so limp as it discovers something larger than itself…the infinity of the sea.

That really is how I see the chastening passage of time on the human soul – like I said, when one is young – these things no one ever bothers to think about – we all think we can live forever and life will always be like yesterday. But eventually when dreams give way to acceptance slowly the realities of life will begin to sink in and it can be very very sad and at times even heartbreaking….especially when one doesn’t know how the game is played – because you can’t come back home any longer…for better or worse like the Americans say, ‘that’s life folks!’

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