The ‘New Hope’ that is President Trump

December 31, 2016

He’s an idiot….loose canon…unknown quantity. So they all say. He lacks the cool headedness and temperament to excel in the job. Again so they all say.

It seems….they all say it again and again that I suspect at some point – even if it weren’t all true, it would probably seem factual enough to pass as the truth.

I am reminded that’s how it is with the truth – it’s a fragile and crumbly thing – that’s to say if a lie is repeated time and again, it will be magically transformed into the truth.

That I imagine was why when the rest of the planters asked me in an exasperated tone approaching anger and incomprehensibility as to why I don’t seem to share their fears and anxieties concerning Mr Trump….and one of them even asked,

‘Tell us all one thing about the man that we do not already know about him?’

I could only say, he’s brand new….he comes into the most powerful office in the world without any baggages. Neither is he encrusted with old thinking to suggest all we might ever expect from him is to perpetuate the status quo.

That I feel has to count for something approaching the very rare and valuable in the cloistered corridors of power and politics in America.

As while the ‘expert’ can only see one or perhaps two ways to approach a problem – and even if the expert fails. He’s really only likely to fail traditionally or classically….the amateur doesn’t seem to be afflicted by the same thinking. Paradoxically in the mind of the amateur – everything is possible.

That I feel is what Mr Trump brings to the table. It may well be a forlorn dream, but nonetheless it’s a form of hope that the world desperately needs and genuinely craves for….the promise that tomorrow can be better than today.

For what it’s worth….I hope President Trump succeeds.


‘At some point in a dangerous game involving sudden death – one would probably have to press the pause button and ask, what’s it all for? Where is all this going?

That’s really what I feel the game of global Realpolitik needs – I wouldn’t exactly call it a Nixon and Mao moment. But it wouldn’t really be far from it either. As what’s the alternative?

That America, Russia and China continue their ‘anything you can do…I can do better’ game – if it just involves them. Then I say play on man. The problem is that same game also sucks in other nations as well – forcing them all to play that corrosive game even if that’s the last thing they can afford to do!

Who wins? Besides the defense industries and people who sell body bags, caskets and headstones? If we are talking about loose change here – then it would hardly be an issue….but billions are involved. In some cases it eats right down to the bone of the GDP of smaller countries – money that could be better spent of alleviating poverty, health and providing the masses with further opportunities for social mobility.

Where is it all going? I mean even organized crime has the wisdom not to play this sort of destructive game – rival gamgs would probably sit down over a bottle of whisky and talk things over to find a better way to resolve differences without having to drive the other to a corner where they are likely to turn vicious….only because that’s what desperate people do!

That’s where I hope Mr Trump can come right in – to simply sit down with Putin before a fireside to ask, ‘what’s your beef?’ And for the other to probably do the same as well.

I guess many people would probably see this as naive and even an uninformed move….but I ask what is the alternative?

Surely it can’t be playing the same mad game all over again – that’s just insanity!’

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