The first Twitter President

December 21, 2016

When Einstein was once asked, what’s his greatest fear? The great brain mentioned – the day when technology supersedes humanity.

Against this sombre backdrop. I am slowly coming round to the idea mankind may have already reached the proverbial tipping point i.e humanity has already superseded humanity.

It’s not difficult, not at all to derive at this conclusion when one watches impassively how Mr Trump seems to be able to compress all the mind boggling complexity of statecraft, brinkmanship, stratagem and Realpolitik into Twitter sound bites that typically uses as many words as what’s regularly printed at the back of a chewing wrapper.

Only in the case of Mr Trump he can even pass it off as a complete disquisition to explain away all the mysteries of the universe. Mr Trump may indeed be genius — as he could well be the first President to redefine the long standing relationship between politicians and citizenry and possibly rewrite how diplomacy can be conducted without having to use more than two sentences.

Or maybe he would be the first President in recorded history to start WW3 by twitting.

I don’t imagine for one moment the Chinese or anyone else who takes the well being of people and planet are amused….I would imagine they would all be quite nervous as they look on at what he’s going to tweet about next.

For me as a non descriptor farmer whose quite cut off from the machinations of the world sitting on a rock and watching all this go by – it’s not funny at all.

All men dream, but I don’t for one moment imagine they dream equally. For those men who only dream with their eyes closed in the floating world of sleep. Most awake only to discover much to their disappointment – it’s vanity only for the world to reclaim their souls as they realize much to their disappointment, it was never meant to be in this life they call their lot.

Then there are the other variety of dreamers and men – those who dream in the day time with clear eyes….eyes that are wide open and see everything around them with cut glass clarity and razor sharpness – not with the splashes and blotches of bold colors that always seem to pop out and blur at the edges – but with defined lines that separate light from shadows – these are the day dreamers…the most dangerous category of men….in my opinion at least. For only these category of men act on their dreams, to make them possible realities in their life time ….hence they can only be very dangerous.

Always remember, there are only two sorts of men. As there will probably be only two sorts of dreams. One is benign and harmless like a paper weight on a window sill. The other is very dangerous.



December 20, 2016

If you ask me when I first came to fear – it occurred one day when I chanced upon another landowner. I can’t remember exactly what expression I wore that day, except maybe to tell you I was certainly wearing my sunglasses and not smiling….which isn’t unusual.

When I stood before this man. He was looking from side to side frantically like a scared child. Maybe he felt guilt ridden. Or perhaps he could sense that I could see right thru him like glass – his complicity…duplicity…the treachery. After all I had just been through another one of their failed attempts to ruin me. As usual I just brushed it off and got up again. That if memory serves correctly was the routine – they would hit me hoping that I will die and I just got right up again. Only on that occasion. I had crossed a line somewhere in my head. It certainly rattled my nerves enough to shake something loose I reckon…maybe that was what he saw momentarily…a flash of madness like the moment of quickening just before a creature sinks his jaws into the neck of a prey. To be honest. I can’t really tell….except to say nothing ever leaches out of me, not even when I am hurting. By that period I had fought so long and hard, all that remained was a very hard and implacable man.

I did not know it then…I didn’t even give that incident much thought for days and perhaps even weeks – but for some strange reason, this scene would replay in my head time and again. And I could do very little else except watch every detail of that encounter in that great movie theater in my minds eye – I couldn’t help but feel a profound anguish that I could have such an effect on another man.

I even felt profoundly sad for him. So sad that I even pitied him.

That was the day when I saw myself thru another man’s eyes and since then it has never occurred again – I have come to realize the meaning of what it means to fear.

Not very long ago. One of my regular readers travelled all the way from Singapore to seek me out in the wild – when this lady came to me she began to lament that she could not find love no matter how hard she tried.

When she asked me for my opinion – I told her very plainly….love is everywhere probably more so in Singapore than here. As there are only wild boar and monkeys in the desolation of a plantation. So how can you say there is no love in Singapore…that hardly makes any sense at all.

I went on to share with this woman – perhaps you should consider making a journey to the centre of your being to look for the stories within your own life that prevents you from discovering true love.

I went to add, if one looks outside for love, without first confronting the demons within one’s being that prevents or even stops one from loving and receiving love in return – then even if one day love in all it’s marvelous completion falls on one’s lap, one will still be estranged from love.

Do what is needful first…journey deep within yourself to search for the reasons that prevents you from loving…do just this and if you do it right. Love can only follow.


‘All of us have mental scars. We all do and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. As that’s part and parcel of the human condition – some of these scars are so ugly and cut so deep that it seems the only way to deal with them is to push them to the outer reaches of our consciousness – some people even construct fortresses where they keep these scars hidden from the world. Everyday they wear a mask and go out into the world pretending that all is well and fine – from time to time, these scars gnaw at them…they bring back hurtful memories that do every little except maybe block positive energy to nourish hope and the belief that things would ever get better.

This is how most people experience spiritual death a thousand times without even realizing it – they only think they can go on living a full life without having to deal with the many scars in their life. This is how we learn to repress our emotions – and when we do so, it has nothing whatsoever to do with will power or self control. If anything we lose the ability to exert control over our emotions and sooner or latter all our repressed feelings from the past can only surface and conspire to poison our relationships…this is the real reason why some people find it so difficult to hold down a job, relationship or even sustain friendship….as there is a conspiracy against them and there are none other than their worst enemy.

Please don’t misunderstand me! I don’t say all this with the spirit of passing judgement – rather it is what it is…and by this I mean to say, I call it out for what it truly is warts and all..and honesty especially to yourself is so important….as that is the only way not repress your emotions with the corrosive attitude of denial – let it all out….deal with it….see it for what it is…an ugly thing perhaps – even for me whenever I reflect back on how some people conspire to plot my financial ruin – my mind smokes with revenge….I ask myself why? During those moments I can even feel the poison of anger canalling thru my veins transforming me into a monster….fortunately, I still have some remnant of sanity to say to myself – just stand back and watch all these emotions go by like a raging river without being attached to it….as I look on impassively. Gradually my heart settles down and soon I am at peace with myself.

I am not saying for one moment I have all the answers – but this seems to work for me….at least I can feel some measure of relief and seek resolution by journeying deep within my core to always see all my emotions honestly.’

It’s very disturbing to watch as the US falls into the trap of appeasing Duterte and his two bit gangster lackeys.

The policy of appeasement has a long and ignominious history in the art of Realpolitik….if anything an appeaser is someone who feeds a wolf, hoping that it will eat him last…it’s never a solution. It’s just the beginning of more grief to come.


‘Duterte is a cheap Barangay gangster. Now when you deal with a bunch of cheap pirates, it doesn’t pay to show any weakness at all. I happen to know a lot about how these lower life forms think and form opinions about their objects of interest – deep down it’s a psychology of contempt for everything good bordering on the psychopathic.

You know I once had to deal with a consortium of evil landowners who had this delusional idea that they could actually control my business by rigging the price of land – this mechanism was like some wonder weapon that they put so much faith in…only because I deliberately lulled them all into a false sense of confidence that it could actually work. My primary goal was to engineer a long and protracted war of attrition where they would have to keep feeding this hungry juggernaut Great Wall with monstrous quantities of men and material.

On every single occasion when overtures of peace was directed to my direction – I kept delaying and making all sorts of excuses not to come to the negotiating table. As in all probability – I would probably have to settle for a lousy deal and that’s really something you can never do when you deal with gangsters. You can never to hope to give them a bit just so they leave you alone – as they will always come back for more.

So my answer was and still is a resolute ‘No!’ No even if life is difficult and perhaps even dangerous at times.

That’s what it takes to deal effectively with gangsters…there is no other way.

That why I believe the US should just stick to their policy of imposing limited sanctions and non cooperation on the Duterte regime – that alone would certainly degrade Duterte’s ability to exert command and control over the economy.

It’s slow, but as it’s very effective.

For me I don’t ever see Duterte moving so close to China that the Philippines can possibly cut off all ties with the US. There’s really too many linkages on the political, economic, social and cultural side between the two countries – If I had to hazard a calculated guess, Duterte is playing chicken and I would raise the stakes and call his bluff – bear in mind, the Chinese are also to some extent and degree a gangster nation as well. So if Duterte is dumb enough to put all his chips on China – the chances are he will be gobble up. This he probably knows.

As he probably knows the US to be indispensable to the Philippines in so many ways.

Had the US stuck steadfastly to their policy of imposing limited sanctions on the Philippines that in my opinion – would have been certainly enough to make the real powerful oligarchs like the Osmena’s and Ayala’s plot his eventual downfall.

I can reproduce most dishes with remarkable fidelity. This I can do very well. But I don’t ever believe it’s possible to do the same with aubigines. You see it’s hardly my lack – it’s the quirky way they grow thru out the year – eggplants are really only good to wok between the months of December and early January.

That’s my take…at least.


During what I call the dying and rebirth months – as December is the month when the North easterly monsoon rains begins to slowly die off. January is the month of rebirths – that’s when the cold front moves in from the east and flowers begin to bloom.

Those are the only two months in a year – when I usually cook egg plant as much as I can – as those are the only months when they don’t ever taste like egg plant at all….. I am very particular about my egg plants – I don’t like them to be squishy and slimy, much prefer them to be slightly crunchy like cucumber straight out of the fridge.

Whenever I prepare my egg plant dishes. I do so with an approaching solemnity. I know that sounds very odd to most people – the idea that cooking can be so serious and even artful. But with egg plants I reckon that’s not too difficult. For one they look almost unlike any veggies one usually comes across with their mysterious purplish sheen – at times when I look at egg plants they almost resemble alien food….you wouldn’t really think so when you see the tree that bears these veggies. As they look pretty sundry and hardly strange at all.

But the veggies are all together a different story – I like especially like the texture of the exterior skin membrane, it resembles Mylar some high tech Teflon that makes me wish I have a neck as long as a giraffe as it slides down.

Any way to the cooking…

After cutting my egg plants into quartered two inch lengths – I always soak them for a full hour in salted water. The salt helps draws out moisture thru a process of reverse osmosis that keeps them crunchy…it’s a professional trick that I once learnt from a sifu when I worked in a Cantonese restaurant during my foreign student days.

I realize some people cook the mince pork and salted fish separately from the egg plant and only combine them together at the end – but I don’t….I want the mince pork juices to be taken up by the egg plant.

I stage it like so – first the egg plant goes in when the sesame oil has bronzed the chopped garlic…the sound it makes always fills me with excitement….if I time it just right when the oil is just right. It all comes off like the exhaust of a rocket when it’s blasting off.

That’s quickly followed by the minced pork and salted fish – not too much salted fish…maybe just a small cube thinly sliced with a razor that’s soaked prior in water to make it less salty and astringent.

I work fast adding in a generous dollop of chili bean paste – then after stir frying till the juices come out…I never add water. As I want it all to come right out of the eggplant, that enhances the taste immeasurably – thereafter I cover it. Lower the flame and let it all sit for ten or so minutes.

It goes down well with a big bowl of hot rice and cold beer.

I happen to believe I can cook the best egg plant with salted fish and mince pork in the whole wide world.

Maybe I am the Tarkovsky of egg plants…just maybe.

So what?…may not at first come across as a sound reaction to recent media claims Russia directly interfered with the presidential election — but when one considers the clandestine past of the CIA in how it has thru the last 70 years dabbled in unmitigated regime change, political assassinations along with covertly supporting tin pot dictators to further it’s own nefarious hidden agenda.

It’s hard if not impossible to expect well read folk to react with genuine shock or for that matter surprise to the latest round of allegations – Russia interfered with the US elections….after all isn’t this how the perennial cat and mouse game has always been played since it’s inception when the Berlin Wall was erected in the late fifties?

So please tell me something new besides what we already know.


‘It’s really quite disingenuous for politicians to harbor the kiddies sand box political belief the general public may be so naive as to believe for one moment Russia would not at least try to influence the US elections. Ok many might be surprised and I have to admit that certainly comes as surprise to me….only because that’s how the game has always been played.

Don’t believe me. Go and read up on the sad and violent history of South America. Along with try to figure out who was actually behind the Yeltsin win in the late eighties that eventually culminated in the demise of the USSR.

I guess what the US is the trying to say when she expects everyone to express some measure of shock and outrage – in a round about way at least is ONLY they and their reliable allies have the elemental right to play and win in this sort of back stabbing game. No one else should beat them at their own game. Not without being named and shamed when the US and their reliable allies can seem to discover the imagination to win decisively in cyberspace.

Well that is certainly how it all comes across to me and that’s certainly very childish.

Or maybe the US and their reliable allies expects everyone including those who may be well versed in it’s ignominious history in dabbling in diplomatic assassinations, regime change and propping up tin pot dictatorships to suspend belief – maybe those who are pursuing this line of enquiry are so open minded about this whole subject that their brains are even spilling out to suggest it could have turned out any other way than the way it actually panned out.

That’s just incredibly childish.

I mean if I said to you even in my line of business – some landowners wield so much power that they can even arrange for little me to spend a couple of days in jail just to put the cinder of fear in my heart and soul. You would probably balk at me and shout out – look here! We are not living in the Middle Ages! Things like that don’t happen any more!

And if I said to you that I have actually spent time in jail – you would probably say, well maybe you did something wrong….and if I went on to say all I did was walk into a shop to buy a packet of fisherman friends and this was what actually transpired – you would probably shake your head in disbelief…and I guess that is why we inhabit very different worlds where my reality has nothing whatsoever to do with your conception.

But that defining difference may also account for why I see things and events very differently from you…in my understanding of the known world. There can only be one reality. I don’t doubt from time to time, I do dream of such a lofty thing as a level playing field…but as the years past by it’s with much regret that I have to inform you – I no longer believe in that pie in the sky sentiment any longer.*

It is conceivable we live in a dirty world…where there is no goodness. None whatsoever and even if by some miracle of probability a tree called goodness can take root and find nourishment to grow – it will cut down by the forces of darkness!

I don’t doubt. From time to time I may yet see slivers of innocence reflected in the clear eyes of children when they speak as they do with high pitched voices about studying hard to take care of their parents one day. Or even come across honorable men who care enough about equity and fairness to restore my faith in humanity – but by and large they’re just too many snakes on the bloody plane!’

* Not very long a bond servant walked up the hill all alone with her newborn baby – my body guards did not stop her as she was with a child – when the woman stood before me. She thrust forward the child with the words, he is a bastard…the father ran away! I asked of her what is the meaning of this – the woman exclaimed, will you be the Godfather of this child?

The woman went to add – in return I will raise him to serve the great landowner…to always protect his lands…to always take off his hat when he sees him…to always be a loyal servant. All I ask in return is your word that he will grow up under your protection.

Thereafter the child was thrust into my hands – as I held the baby I began to cry almost uncontrollably. When the woman asked me why – I simply replied, his hands they are so for his eyes…his eyes they see only goodness in this evil world …no one will ever truly know what I have become…absolutely no one…as some things I will never tell a soul and only take to my grave.

When you stick a label on your forehead and call yourself a democrat, Republican, right, left or middle, or anything else that pigeons hole your beliefs and values into any category of state of mind or school of thought – it is conceivable, you are being violent. Yes, I understand it is very peculiar to use the word violent. But what other word can best describe this attitude?

Because when you ascribe a label to yourself – are you not separating yourself from the rest of mankind?

Are you not in fact saying this is the line. I am here and you are there! Might you even be saying I see only black and not white….what about the man who sees different gradients of greys?

Even if you don’t see it as a form of violence – by the mere act of separating yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it will certainly breed violence and divide brother from brother.

Violence begets violence.


‘We are living in a world where people are increasingly divided – they are not only divided by different levels of understandings. But they are also deeply divided on how they see others who may not share the same beliefs and values as them. And within this divisions, there are yet more divisions that continue to separate mankind. I am gay or straight or can go both ways..I like ice cream in a cone and not in a cup….I only stir my coffee anti clockwise…I am left handed…hair grows on the back of my hand? left shoe is bigger than my right.

There are so many different flags out there that it’s hard to see all of them ever coming under one known as the united stares of America – we are living in a very different world from the one we used to inhabit.’

This morning while popping down to the village to stock up on provisions. A group of school girls ambushed me and demanded that I buy tickets for a village communal dinner arranged by the school.

I obliged duly and bought two tickets. That was when someone commented, every year he buys tickets….but he is too proud to eat with us.

I merely smiled, bid them all good day, stepped back into my car and drove right off into the beautiful sunrise all by myself…it’s going to be another epic sunny day.


‘Life takes on a neat simplicity. When you don’t complicated it with unnecessary relationships – please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying companionship counts for squat. Neither am I advocating that the secret to contentment lies somewhere in fashioning oneself as a recluse.

All I am really saying is life takes on a neat simplicity when you don’t ever see the need to complicate your life with managing yourself and others in unnecessary relationships – that doesn’t mean you’re anti social or proud or even feel that you are superior to others – it just means you’re comfortable in your own skin…even when you’re alone.

Most people who secretly fear loneliness and can’t seem to do things all alone without the danger of a nervous breakdown. Naturally find this aspect of a man who is comfortable with being alone very intimidating – as what it actually means is those people can live, work and play without them! That is to say, they’re highly optional – unfortunately insecure people don’t ever like feeling they’re optional – so naturally they kick up a fuss by labeling those who may behave differently from them as loners…anti social…not a very good team player etc etc.

The goal of these people is not to ostracize per se – as much as demonstrate the extent of their own failings when it comes to dealing with loneliness and idea of being independent.

This is Dao of emotionally stunted people who experience great difficulties with the idea of independence and sustainable living – they always feel the need to impose THEIR parochial values on others who are different from them just to keep their crumbly world intact.

Knowing this can only empower you! As since you are able to discern their psychology with such accuracy and clarity – that allows you to depersonalize yourself from the situation.

In truth. There is nothing wrong keeping a dignified distance from others – nothing wrong whatsoever…that after all is your elemental right as a human being – you don’t ever need to feel the pressure of being part of a team or even see yourself as a subset of a tribe just to belong or to shape a coherent identity – all that counts for nothing. Besides it’s all made up somewhere between the distance of your two ears – like how you once believed in tooth fairies and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.

When one is comfortable and assured in being self sufficient all alone – all those extraneous nonsense that the world keeps on insisting is and must be important ceases to have any meaning.

Like I said. Life takes on a neat simplicity. It’s quite wonderful, really.

The Fix

December 16, 2016

It is common knowledge to all that I and a certain landowner do not get along. It is also common to all that we have had numerous run in’s in the past where with each successive encounter the stakes ratchet up as the conflict becomes that much more dangerous.

It is also common knowledge that the nature of this game has become so serious that in all probability only one person will emerge as the winner as it now resembles a game of sudden death – as since no one wants to back down it has become a conflict that tolerates little or no margin for error – a deadly game of cerebral fitness and cunning where each tries to outmaneuver the other with the aim of total financial ruin.

Recently this landowner has landed up in the mother of fixes – it’s so meticulously executed and planned it’s like a commando mission and it carries all the hallmarks of my designs – the element of surprise…it’s diabolical genius….along with inflicting devastating and long term damage.

Though no words on this matter have ever exchanged publicly…not directly at least…obliquely perhaps. Even so it only a mere suggestion…but never ever openly – I can sense that everyone believes without a shadow of doubt – this can be none other than my handiwork.

In truth I have no part in it at all. Neither do I relish what has happened either.

This puts me in a very difficult position – as if I publicly broadcast – this has nothing whatsoever to do with me…I have play no art of part in all this…it is likely to serve only as confirmation of my involvement – everyone can only believe it must have everything to do with me that is why I am trying so hard to distance myself from it. If on the other hand I do absolutely nothing. Again they will think the same.

Either I am stuck with the label like super glue.

There is very little I can do to change the outcome of this story it seems…as so much of who I am reads very much like the man who ordered it proceedings.

The irony is I never ever wanted war. All I ever wished for is the right to compete in a level playing field – to be able to plant row after row of trees and mind my own business and grow my business with industry and hard honest work like an autistic fellow and from time to time buy more land at a fair price – even if that required me to close one eye to the frequently trespasses and jibes of others. I would have gladly obliged. But no…they had to force my hand…by setting up an elaborate obstacle course where I had to jump thru hoops and swim thru shark infested moats just to buy land – they made my life so difficult and transformed me into a hard, implacable and ruthless businessman who takes and gives no quarter – a man whose adept at even taking on a numerically superior adversary – a man who is feared by all.

In this story, it is not I who fashioned this monster..I can hardly take responsible for how he turned out! It is entirely borne from their handiwork…In this tragic story even should this man do good one day – no one can ever see it….as the mood of this scene is so very dark and dangerous that it can only read one way and no other way.

The story within the self

December 16, 2016

Each and everyone of us live within a story wordsmithed by our own hand. In this narrative, we see ourselves in relation to others and the world – in this continuous interplay is the sum of all our hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Write the story with a happy heart….so that this story will always continue to edify and nourish you meaningfully.


‘Be very careful what you decide to write into your life story. I don’t say this jokingly. I say it with the upmost seriousness.

As if you see yourself as a victim in this story – then you are most likely to behave like a victim and the chances are others will victimize you and you can only suffer.

On the other hand should you write in this same story – the narrative of a man who lives his life under his own terms and bows to no man.

Then you are likely to come across as someone who will behave very differently from a victim – for one you would not hold on the idea that life is meant to nourish human suffering and instead of being under a dark cloud of doom and gloom all the time – you may even come to believe that tomorrow will certainly be better than today.

This is why this story that we live in needs to be continually refreshed with positive affirmations all the time – it’s not enough to resign ourselves to the false belief…this is our lot in life…this is our karma…or fate….it’s set in stone….it cannot change etc etc. The story that is your life is like any other story. It can be revised and changed to read in whatever way you choose – new scenes can be added and old one’s deleted.

Many people I notice don’t realize they live in a story – they just wake everyday, join the masses of humanity and trudge to work, not realizing even for one moment – how they see themselves and the world is nothing more than what they once wordsmithed by their own hand…I am a loser…I am going nowhere in life except maybe in circles like an ant…not realizing when they write all these things about themselves. All they can really doing is reenacting a scene very much in the way an actor is slaved to a script…so they end up playing the role of the loser…the victim and even should good things come before them, they are so deep within the folds of their tragic story – they can’t even believe their life will ever change for the better.

When you observe people and how they lead their lives – you will begin to trace out the rough outlines of their respective narratives. You will sense this to be true in every sense of the word and that simply illustrates the power of a story.

Start by writing positive scenes in your story that is you and your life and you will see in no time the magical power of this force – you can sense it’s transformational effect on you like an evil curse being lifted.

Not long ago I stepped into the story of a sad woman who – why is it that I cannot seem to find happiness with men after my last relationship.

In this new chapter in this sad woman’s story – I told her…you live in the past…and since you see the failure of your last relationship with so much regret and what if’s that is why it is so difficult to start a new and happy story with another person. I went to tell to woman – If someone doesn’t treat you lovingly and with respect – then it is a gift when he walks away. Of course in the beginning there will certainly be pain. But in this new story that is your unfolding life – you must write it so that it reads, you will heal and soon all of life will return back to your empty soul again.

I went on to explain to this sad woman – but before you can do this. You must first press the control, alt and delete buttons to erase the story of your past life with this man – wipe out that old story…it’s useless…the past is after all finished. It is no more…that is no longer part of your life…why are you holding on to memories?

I went on to share with the sad woman. The only reason why you continue to live in sadness is because you are inadvertently reliving the tragic story of your past without even realizing and if you do that – you are setting your entire life on replay mode where each day will require you to experience all the hurts, humiliation and loss that was once inflicted on you by this heartless man. And if you are not careful this same story will sabotage your future relationships – you will never find happiness unless you erase the story of your torrid relationship in the past.

When we reflect on this example – we too can often see similarities between our own life. And how we too relive past hurts, disappointments and regrets only to take us further from enjoying all that life can offer.

What is your story?’

I don’t understand why so many including intelligent folk (it seems) much prefer to use words that hardly make any sense at all – when it comes to describing Duterte shoot first and ask questions later policy.

I can only imagine they do so to confuse everyone else including themselves just to come across as smarter than smart – what after all is an extrajudicial killing? Might it be something that is sanctioned by the judiciary like an execution sentence? If so what precisely is the ‘extra’ in the prefix supposed to denote?

Why not just keep it descriptively simple like calling it death squads executions.

Why not just learn to call a spade a spade.

As for Duterte and his death squads – all I have to say is – you live by the gun… You will also go by the gun you stupid son of donkey whore!


‘In my humble opinion China squandered a valuable opportunity to convey to Duterte and the world at large that it is eminently qualified and very serious about offering a sensible alternative to Pacific leadership besides the US – China should have made it’s position very clear on Duterte’s death squads – that it’s not acceptable for politicians to dispense with the rule of law and behave like mafia dons – that is the ONLY way civilized and very serious leaders respond to human rights abuses. They don’t ever look the other way. Not if it’s so fundamentally wrong as to go against everything right.

That is the basis of trust, I don’t doubt, it may have proven costly in the case of Duterte. But in my humble opinion China has all the power of persuasion to make him see the error of his ways.

But instead China simply came across as a I see, hear and think no evil partner in crime – as a consequence China has demonstrated not only her immaturity when it comes to managing herself and others on the world stage. But it can even be said, the cumulative cost of her foreign policy by acquiesce to evil can only be prohibitively high – as to alienate her completely from the much needed support of the thinking crowd.

This I feel is a very costly mistake on the part of the Chinese leadership – they don’t seem to understand leadership is not about cherry picking what’s convenient and easy to further the wealth of a nation. Rather it encapsulates the greater idea China must hold itself out to be a reliable purveyor of the good life to most Asians even if it’s difficult for her to do so – and one aspect of this requires upholding the elemental right to justice for all Asians.

After all, by language can we hope to speak about a better world for our children when tin pot dictators and their lackeys can do anything they want without regard to the rule of law? What kind of pariah dog wisdom might that be? That’s like trying to talk about whipping up omelets without wanting to break eggs.

If this continues – then I regret to inform everyone that I may have to backtrack and say that I may have was completely wrong about China’s ability to manage herself and others maturely when it comes to the South China Seas. I may also have to reconsider my opposition to the TPP as well.

For me I don’t see this as an embarrassing U turn – like I said, I may have been wrong all along.

After all surely you can’t expect me to trust a twenty cents gangster to do big things. That’s neither reasonable nor wise.

You’ve got to be kidding me right?’

Not long ago. I came across a knot of villagers in the kopitiam (village cafe) gossiping about a respectable man’s car that was recently seen parking outside the lodgings of a disreputable woman every night for the last two weeks.

The facts are as follows. The man visits the shop lot where it’s well known to all a prostitute rents a room on the upper floor at precisely half past eleven every night.

He visits always at the same time. He even has the keys to the grill door leading to the stairways and on every occasion he seems to be carrying an unusually long overnight bag of sorts. Only to remerge before daybreak to return back to his normal day routine of impeccable respectability.

In fact this has become a matter of intense speculation that has embroiled the entire village. All sorts of vile rumors seem to be circulating in earnest. Some of them are even so crude that I would not repeat them here.

Since I have a personal relationship with the man’s wife and I know all his children – many villagers asked me for my opinion to which my reply would always be the same.

It’s really none of my business. But if you feel it’s so important to know and you cannot tahan (bear it) and it’s driving you crazy – why don’t you just pick up the phone and ask him…I went on to add, it’s certainly a bit rude and even intrusive to ask of another why he would visit such a place in the dead of night. But I think nonetheless, it can be done discreetly without coming across as a nosey Parker – I went on to add, that’s far better than drawing all sorts of evil and vile conclusions concerning the man’s character.

Eventually someone in the village mustered the courage to ask the man only to be told – he’s an avid star gazer who has just bought an new telescope and since the shop lot is the only building in the village with a flat top with very little light contamination – it offers him a very spectacular vantage to view the stars.


‘Gossiping has become the main form of communication. Not the good sort where one might even say flattering things about another, but the vile and poisonous sort where it may even destroy lives along with livelihoods.

The only reason why gossiping has replaced real communication is because it serves to nourish our make belief sense that we are better than them own insecurities and anxieties – it’s a cheap man’s alternative to make us feel good about ourselves without really having to deal with the truth. Or to even think deeper about stuff.

Because when we form a negative agreement concerning a person or scene – that reaffirms and even validates that we are right even when we’ve got the wrong end of the stick – we actually feel good about ourselves when we see others fall from grace….real or imagined matters very little.

There is an old expression

‘Misery likes nothing like friends and company…even the lousy one’s’

People who are suffering like the fabled drug addict will always smell out those who crave for the next fix…they can’t bear the thought of being marooned in their own head all alone to face their craving…sufferers too need a sense of validation…they need companionship as well.

Only under this! Theirs is not the brotherhood that stands for anything significant – infact should you be unfortunate enough to mix with these sufferers….you too will suffer.

Knowing this is very important. As it will allow you to see people for they truly are instead of what sort of person they claim to be.’

Be very kind, understanding and above all gentle with yourself when you begin this program.

This is not something you decide to do on a weekend and dive straight in on a Monday…it takes time for your body, mind and spirit to unlearn many of the eating habits that you are accustomed too since the day you came into this world.

Begin my reducing the quantity of food for breakfast and lunch. Taper it off to zero over a period of time. In between meals never snack. That’s the least disruptive way. For me at least.

In the beginning your mind and body will fight you tooth and nail – that is only normal. However gradually these murmurings will fall silent.


‘The way you react has been repeated thousands of times, and it has become a happy routine that is your way of life. You are conditioned to be a certain way. And that is the challenge: to change your normal reactions, to change your routine, to take a chance on a new way to experience another dimension of life.

For me when one goes from eating three to four meals everyday to only one.

It is a very intense form of meditation – many people are uncomfortable with that word, meditation. As it conjures up images of hermits sitting cross legged while chanting – that to me is simply one version of meditation. There are many forms of meditation – one can be in the gyre of a mental and physical activity and still be very much in a meditative state.

Being in a meditative state does not necessary imply the inclusion of a higher being or order – God is optional.

But it certainly requires a sort of understanding – one where you must know WHY you are doing this and perhaps even WHAT you are likely to experience when you decide to do it – this is mindfulness and to be in such a frame of mind is to be in a meditative state. So don’t get entangled in dogmas, lexicons and ideology – moving from three to one meal a day has nothing to do with all that.

If anything it is simply a journey where you will begin to experience many sensations for probably the very first time in your life. At one level of understanding the feeling of hunger can be a painful one, so can restlessness and the sensation of not having enough energy. But with the skeleton key of mindfulness – one is able to discern very clearly this is the mind and body’s way of managing change…it is resisting change itself….and that is only natural.

Remember what I said in the very beginning – The way you react has been repeated thousands of times, and it has become a happy routine that is your way of life.

Understand this reality for what it is – don’t fight it…don’t sweat it out….just understand it by coming to terms with the reality – by repeating what I wrote in the beginning. As this is not really about will power as it’s all about understanding completely what you have set out to do.

Try to see this in the context of a meditative exercise on loneliness if you like. I certainly did when I found myself refraining from eating when everyone else did. I was acutely conscious of my apartness from all others like an island set in azure seas in the middle of nowhere. It seemed at first to be a cold and hostile place, so unlike the postcard image of coconut palms set in pristine white beaches where the waters are so clear that one can even see fishes swimming in the depths. Here there were sharp jagged cliffs and stiff thorns.

That was at least what my mind’s eye once saw. Perhaps it will be different for you. But no matter what and how you may see yourself during the course of this journey – you will certainly be very different when you emerge out from the other side.

Only please remember, be kind, understanding and above all gentle with yourself. Good luck.’

Hot Buttons

December 14, 2016

We all have our sensitive hot buttons. Whenever they are pressed – we go berserk. That if you must know contrary to common belief is very natural. We would not be entirely human if we don’t seem to be able to take strong positions on certain things like how we expect others to treat and relate to us.

Coming to terms with this reality – that it is very human and natural is the first step to recognizing our weakness.

Admit it. That is at least what I constantly tell myself whenever I reflect back on how so much organizational skill and manpower along with determination has been directed by some landowners to stop me from buying more land at a fair price.

Observe with it all warts and all with a sprit of detachment how the anger of poison canals thru your brain. That is at least what I constantly tell myself whenever my head smokes with getting even.

It is only when I recognize this impulse and see it for what it really is – a potent self destructive force – that I am able to see with my minds eye how I have walked straight into a mind trap.


‘Dont be in the habit of taking up others baggage. After all if you see garbage on the five foot way – do you dirty your hands by picking it up?

By the same logic when someone gives you a negative opinion – try not to take it personally…where possible don’t even upload it into your mind.

Just set it to one side.

Because the truth is that person has issues that he or she needs to seriously work out – that’s hardly your problem…it’s exclusively theirs – that person is suffering and like a shit bomb that builds up so much pressure it has to explode. You were just in the vicinity of the blast. Some of it is bound to get on you….don’t take it personally that’s an occupational liability that comes with living.

After all that person wasn’t even personal – it only seems that way….so why should you take on other people’s emotional poison?

When I first ventured into farming – many people poked fun at me. If you surf around the internet. You will find many cruel jibes. Others just made it clear as day that I was this, that along with everything stupid that they could possibly imagine.

When I reflect back on those early years and how much time and energy it all sucked out of me because I did not have the wisdom not to take these attacks personally…it was just incredibly stupid. Since it all amounted to a great zero to my life.

There is a very important lesson here. When we take things personally – that is when all our problems in life begin. As taking things personally makes you an easy target.’

From the Way of the farmer – 2013

Being honest with yourself

December 13, 2016

Do not expect others to be honest with themselves or even with you. If you harbor such expectations of others. All you will end up with is plenty of grief and disappointment.

Besides it’s impossible to hope to control others. You might as well go and plough the sea. Or aspire to be the Emperor of the kingdom of the ants.

All you can really hope to do in this journey called life – is to cultivate honesty with yourself.

Once you grow comfortable with this idea of being honest with yourself….at some point in your education.

You will begin to see the world and everyone in it as they truly are and not what others or even they themselves may insist they stand for.

That if you must know is the first lesson in honesty – the ability to see, hear and think clearly.


‘The truth hurts. Yes, it must be terribly painful for one to stand before the full blast of the truth. Hence to protect ourselves from hurt and the fear of being hurt – humans create something very sophisticated in the mind – it’s none other than the denial system.

In this understanding of how we see ourselves and everything around us – we all become to a lesser or larger role the assassins of the truth.

We invest so much of our intelligence and creative energy in crafting our lies – some of these lies are like simple line drawings like if we stick to only sugar free labels that might fight the bulge. Other lies are so elaborate and complicated they resemble halls of mirrors that only reflect what we wish to see – we lie to ourselves constantly and we even believe our own lies completely to a point where we hardly even notice any more when we are lying to ourselves.

On those rare occasions when we are conscious we are lying, we even cook up all sorts of clever reasons why that lie can be nothing but a version of the truth.

Such is the power of the denial system it even provisions a lie within a lie to keep our crumbly version of reality – it is the great obliterator of the truth.

So we go thru life wearing a mask or holding on to a narrative of who we are and what we stand for – because it’s too painful to see ourselves or to let others see who we really are. And since the denial system gives us the permission to believe that everyone believes what we want them to believe about us….it just goes right on.

Not realizing. As time goes by – we can no longer live without the denial machine.

This is how most people go thru their average miserable lives – that is how they’re cheated in life to settle for existence rather than to live.

It is only when one is perfectly comfortable being alone and perhaps even see the world thru the lens of an autistic person that one is able to marvel at the engineering excellence of the inner workings of the denial machine.

To understand life – this machine that resides in the mind must first be destroyed.

If the denial machine continues to hum and turn it’s cranks in some darkened corner in our head – it is pointless to talk at length about freedom. We might perhaps steer the conversation to the subject of football perhaps. Or maybe discuss urination techniques or even how to cook an omelette on a bonnet of a car on a scorching hot day….but it is really quite meaningless to attempt to make head way on any other deep spirit subject that involves looking at oneself along side the world with truthful eyes – to do so, is like trying to construct a building on quicksand – nothing can or will hold to ever support the things that would make the walls straight or the beams level and even if one somehow manages to put it all together, it will just be a crooked house.

The denial machine must be destroyed!

After that ONLY then can the reincarnated man and woman be reborn….before that. He or she was just a sleeper.’

Chapter 6 – How to be a honest person – The Way of the Farmer 2010

Sometime back ago I over heard a group of landowners referring to another as a ‘mad man.’ When I asked one of them who referred to this person as such – how did he come about the knowledge that this person was mad. He shrugged his shoulders and said, ‘everyone calls him a mad man.’ That was when I turned to the rest expectantly, only for one of them to exclaimed, he is stark raving man…everyone knows it as a fact.

To which I asked again, ‘yes I know what others regularly say about him….but has anyone actually had dealings with him to have a first hand account of his madness?’

No answer emerged. Later on that day I chanced on this fellow and asked him whether he would like to join me for a drink at the bar. After a full hour I concluded, not only was this person very well adjusted and functional. But I also concluded he was certainly not mad. Far from it!

In the evening, I came across another group of landowners who were deeply engaged in a conversation concerning a crook. Not any crook it seems, but the world’s biggest crook!

Again I asked – do any of you happen to have dealings with this mother of all crooks. Again everyone looked at me quizzically and once again someone exclaimed – everyone knows he is a bloody crook!

The following day when I came across the so called crook of crooks. I invited him for a drink at the bar – and judging from the way he arranged his thoughts along with what he was prepared to share with me. I concluded on the balance of probabilities – this person was certainly not a crook at all. In fact he came across as a very on the level and sensible sort of chap.

By the middle of the week again I came across another group of landowners – this time they were all talking about a jolly good fellow…a top drawer gentleman it seems. Again I asked them all – how sure are you all that he is an above board character. Again everyone looked at me with a mix of puzzlement and one fellow even had a scowling expression of impatience and again someone exclaimed – everyone knows he good fellow….I can even vouch for it!

When I came across this so called good man – I subsequently found out that he was certainly not a gentleman…if anything he was closer to a two face cheap gutter rat.


‘If others tell us something it is very natural for us to form an assumption – understand this as a process of least resistance. But the case becomes more curious it seems – as even if others don’t tell us anything at all – it seems we are likely to make assumptions to fulfill our need to know and to replace the need to communicate. Even if we happen to hear something and we don’t quite fully understand. Again we make assumptions about what it means and then believe the assumptions to be nothing but the truth.

To me this is a very curious state of affairs that played out to devastating effect during the Trump and Clinton race to the White House – as it seems we are all inclined to make all sorts of assumptions simply because we are either too lazy or simply lack the courage to drill deeper to get at the truth.

How very strange.

My only conclusion: Never make an assumption without first finding out the facts first hand. If you are lazy or don’t have either the time or opportunity to find out – and I can well understand those sort of constrains. NEVER make an assumption. Instead suspend judgement.

Because the moment you make an assumption – all you’re really doing is relegating your thinking processes to a very inferior method of assembling and making sense of information. And the chances are you will get it completely wrong!

Do this enough times and I can almost guarantee you good things will pass you by while you remain none the wiser why others seem to be able to make good on what you once considered – not worth a second look or even your time.

I once swooped on a very sweet land deal despite a consortium set up by a group of evil landowners specifically just to stop me from buying more land at a fair price – only because everyone formed the assumption since the selling price was so incredibly low, it must have been snapped up the moment it was put on the market.

I had a niggling feeling something was wrong. As firstly, although everyone I spoke too was convinced it had already been sold….but no one could point me to the identity of the new landowner.

After a few enquiries by phone – I realized everyone who made the assumption this land deal was already cut and dried had never once spoken to the owner. Even when I doubled checked with the director of the NSA, the village barber and the pineappled eye kampung equivalent of the Abwehr, the Tiger beer aunties – both informed me that they had heard nothing concerning the conveyance of the land. Neither did they know who eventually bought the land.

This merely served to confirm my suspicion the land might still be on the market. That same day I went over to the land and asked his worker for the address of the owner. Thereafter paid him a visit in the evening – only to find out, the offer still stands. There and then I bought it for a song.

Thereafter of course lah – everyone labelled me a super snake of 1,001 extraordinary twist and turns….but what’s key here, they ALL had the same facts that I had used to make an informed decision. Perhaps even more and most importantly the same opportunity….but their one mistake was they all made an assumption that it must have been sold off the moment it was put on the market which subsequently turned out to be false.

The lesson here is this – as we creep imperceptibly from an environment of surplus to one of scarcity – opportunities will be harder to come by – make full use of every opportunity…don’t throw it away just because you don’t have the courage to ask…that’s stupid.’

This is a consolidation of life hacks on how to thrive in an economic downturn from two of my e-book best sellers, How to succeed in business like a Mossad secret agent and The Way of the Farmers. Todate both publications have sold over 2,500,000 copies.

(1) Learn to live a simple life.

This is the most important life hack – as it sets the correct attitude and grounding to allow you to move on to the rest. Only remember without complete mastery of this section. The rest is useless as there is no place to fix them – this section is so important that for any reason you can’t upload it in your head. Then I would highly recommend you to stop reading now and move on to the online Pokemon site.

Still here? OK….

The cultivation of the simple life is based on many of my personal philosophies which many of my regular readers already know as The Way of the Farmer – at it’s core is the idea modern man is a perpetually distracted, restless and self destructive creature.

Hence the unthinking man knows no better – he is programmed by society to always seek happiness and fulfillment through the mindless act of continuous consumption. This is because marketeers have successfully brainwashed him to serve their specious needs – hence the unthinking being can only buy into the great lie, all his deficits and lack can eradicated if only he is prepared to buy, buy and buy.

That incidentally also accounts for why modern man is perpetually in debt, has no savings to speak of whatsoever and always restless and unfulfilled. He lives day by day. Only for the thrill of the moment. But deep inside, he’s an empty and hungry soul.

Thru the life long cultivating of a simple life – the reincarnated person is able to find REAL contentment and fulfillment by continuously seeking out new experiences that do not involve the mindlessness of perpetual consumption.

Since this new person is grounded in reality and not constantly subject to the gravity of the marketing manifesto – this person is able to differentiate between lies from truth. His or her ability to just do this alone on a constant basis, is the one defining feature that allows him or her to truly appreciate the simple life.

(2) Get a very firm hold on your ego

If people disrespect or don’t treat you fairly. Never take it personally – Never! If you do not exercise mindfulness over your ego. You will certainly fall into a mind trap of taking slights personally. When you do this – that automatically demands you to be invested in ALL the nonsense of the world.

Once you are in the tornado of the nonsense…it is the end.

As instead of spending your money wisely to accomplish your life mission. You will end diffusing all your time, energy and resources – buying useless things like a new car, branded clothes or going on expensive holidays just to impress stupid people who you hardly know or want to ever get know better should you be unfortunate to get to know them further.

Learn to be emotionally independent and self sufficient – never fall into the mind trap of seeking the approval, validation and respect of others like an insecure child.

Move away from emotional dependency to being a sustainable person.

As what you think and believe of yourself will I assure you be always more important than what others may think and believe of you.


(3) Do not be clingy, learn to be comfortable alone.

This hardly requires any elaboration. Friends are of course very important in one’s life. Only always be mindful to keep the concept of friendship in the correct scale and perspective to always enhance your well being and quality of life.

As at times by just marinating oneself socially – there is a real danger one can be swept away only to end up doing really stupid things like indulging in self destructive and cancer of the wallet competition just to keep up with one’s peers. This social trap is very common with people who have not mastered concept (1) and (2).

Since they don’t have a solid grounding on WHY? It is only natural for them to swept away by others – if their friends go on holiday…they too must go. If their friends spend money they don’t have…they too can only follow.

This underscores the importance of p the art of how to be alone. As this mental disciplining will clarify your goals continuously without being unduly influenced by peer pressure – learn to do things alone. Learn even to enjoy your own company. Go out all by yourself for dinner. Go watch a movie all by yourself – strive always to be comfortable in your own skin.

This is the most natural state for any person to be in – loneliness. Never fear it!

When you master this aspect of life – you will find that your life needs will begin to settle down to only what YOU and not what others can reliably supply to keep you mentally, emotionally and spiritually in top form.

(4) Learn to cook and cultivate pride in being able to feed yourself and others.

Learning to cook is not just an important life skill. To me it is perhaps the clearest expression of your will power to live your life under your own terms – on the plus side, it is also the most reliable way for one economize – as firstly you don’t have to behave like a vampire all the time and constantly go out just to fill your tank.

Being able to cook for yourself – is the highest form of independence. As when you are able to cook for yourself and others – you will take control over your life and be able to develop the confidence to live your life under YOUR own terms rather than having to rely or to depend on others.

These life habits are incredibly edifying as they serve to reaffirm – you are self sufficient and sustainable person and perfectly comfortable being alone – this can only reinforce your attitude and belief that you can do anything.

I am toying around with the idea of buying a magic or thermal cooker. I will post my recipes online to share with many of my readers.

(5) Learn to eat only one meal a day, it will keep your sharp and alert.

In the morning two cups of very strong coffee. Two pieces of bread. In between I munch on absolutely nothing. And I don’t eat till eight in the evening.

Man I have discovered thru my in depth research is the only animal that eats four or more times a day. Some people even eat continuously since they stock up on snacks in the office pantry.

Eating continuously will only transform your mind and body into your worse enemy – as the elemental eating habits of all predators is to only eat once and infrequently. This is because food does not always present itself in the wild all the time. And even if it is available, the right conditions to consume it may not present itself. Hence all predators only eat ONCE and usually it is a very big meal that last for days!

By deliberately engineering a state of stress on all your bodily functions – you will be able to leverage on the super powers of Mother Nature to be more alert, energetic and focused.

It is this physical instability that will compel your brain to function at it’s best in the discomfort zone.

On the plus side. Since you don’t ever eat during the day time – you will automatically find you will have more time, money and opportunity to accomplish your life mission.

When I was a salaried man back in Singapore. I found this life skill to be invaluable – as most of my best work was accomplished when everyone was out for lunch.

This discipline is especially important for autistic people.

(6) Mind your own business.

Never indulge in gossip or poke your nose into other people’s affairs. If you find yourself in the company of such people – avoid them at every turn and opportunity – as this is the single most time wasting habit.

As not only does it add zero to your life. But this corrosive habit also consumes the best part of your brain power and bandwidth, it’s a useless distraction that is likely to lead you astray from accomplishing your life mission.

Staying focussed requires nothing short of iron discipline and cerebral fitness – remember your capacity to process information reliably is finite. So don’t fill your brain with garbage. Keep it all relevant.

When you abide by this discipline – you will find quite naturally much to your own surprise, you will end up being a man of very few words. This is key, as this attitude will allow you to strike like a screaming eagle when opportunity presents itself in an economic environment of scarcity.

While all others are distracted and diffusing their all energy on worthless pursuits such as chasing ghost and imaginary pots of gold at the end of the rainbow – your mission is always crystal.

(7) Be mindful of women.

When you are rich it is very natural for women to be attracted to you – this is how lower life forms are programmed. I don’t mean to come across as insulting, but it’s an anthropological fact. Since women are generally lousy hunters. All they can really hope to do is find a surrogate host like a parasite.

This reality must always be like a neon lit bill board whenever you encounter a woman.

Keep women always at a respectful arms lengths – do not simply allow them into the inner parameter of being – be suspicious of their intent always. Where possible interrogate discreetly to ferret out their motives. As your business rivals could be setting you up for a scandalous fall or using women to distract you from your goal.

I have seen many businessmen fall from grace because they don’t seem to understand the seriousness of this discipline – only to end up getting embroiled with all sort of dangerous entanglements.

Generally I find there is no place for a woman in the frontier way of life – they are a liability for so many reasons. Firstly, they are not emotionally resilient nor stable, so they’re really no better than emotional vampires…taking, taking and taking all the time. To make things worse if you are dumb enough to get sucked into their world – you will find that you’re always mysteriously poor, never ever having enough time to complete your daily or weekly task and even if it’s done there will always be quality issues.

I don’t want to incriminate myself further on this subject – bad idea. Don’t ever go near them – if you crave deep spirited fellowship. Go to the RSPCA dog pound. There are many low maintenance friends there.

(8) Trust no one, not even yourself…better still be paranoid.

A fool and his money will part. This is a very reliable truism – and one aspect of this usually involves being too trusting of others. ALWAYS be suspicious. Better still will yourself into a state of paranoia. Never take anything at face value, ALWAYS drill deep to get only first account accurate and timely intelligence. Deploy spies to find out what they other side is planning. From time to time spread disinformation. Broadcast mixed messages to sow confusion amongst your enemies. Never ever be a open book. Never!

Keep your plans like poker cards masked.

All warfare is based on deception.

Above all trust no one….not even yourself. When you are excited about a deal – it’s best to leave it for a few days on the KIV tray even if there is a danger others may beat you to the deal of the century. Do not be rash. Never make a decision under the pressure of clock. Always strive to be calm and composed like an assassin.

Only when ALL the conditions are met do you strike in business. Even then always remember you must have surprise on your side. As no decisive victory can be secured without surprise – be ruthless.

(9) Familiarize yourself with the Law. Be just and fair…but be stern.

Study the law especially jurisprudence – develop a personal code of justice, where if others double cross you, deal with them sternly but ALWAYS be just.

Your goal should ONLY be to convey to others what you are prepared to accept and say no too – not to destroy them. Always leave a way for them to come back as either friends or business partners.

Never allow others to take advantage of you…no matter how small the trespass – should they do so, punish them and those who are regularly associated with them as well – make it so clear and shocking that everyone in the village knows like so – this is what happens to you and your clan when you steal from my lands! This is what happens to people who double cross me!

Do this again and again. After a while you will find many people will fall suitably in line.

Only remember many people will hate you. But fortunately in business that is not important – the most important thing is everyone knows without a shadow of doubt what you say, you can do! What you promise, you will deliver on time and according to spec!

That is the only thing of value in business – anything else is the purest form of nonsense. As money does not smell!

Keep to this discipline diligently. Never cheat others. As it will always come back! Honor your word – it must be like a promisory note from the Bank of England. Always be a gentleman even when you deal with thieves. This is key in business. As when you have people who think they can simply take a bite out of you without incurring real penalties or loss. Then you will be constantly harassed.

Being clear and concise on the otherhand sends out a very clear message what you are prepared to accept and not – this will simplify your life immeasurably.

(10) Good Judgement – never reinforce failure

Impeachable judgement is not always possible. Not all the time at least. There are times when I read it right in the beginning only for it to go all wrong – this has happened plenty of times. But when that happens it’s vitally important for one to be able to cut losses in a flash. Rather than reinforcing failure.

Easier said that done.

One reason why many people including myself may have difficulties making a good call has a lot to do with emotional investment.

As even I experience great pain at times when it comes to cutting losses. That’s only natural. As since so much time, effort and love has been invested, it’s seems natural and even right to put in more to make it work. But experience informs me, it’s best not to allow emotion cloud one’s judgement.

Stick only to the cold and brutal facts when it comes to decision making. All other considerations are irrelevant.

Be like a cold calculating machine.

Recession…What Recession?

December 11, 2016

These days everyone seems to be very nervous not only about Trump. But of sharper concern is the looming economic slow down that is slowly creeping into their lives – these ordinary folk can sense and even feel….and it frightens and paralyses them with fear like a trembling rabbit before a cobra.

These days whenever I go about my business many traders and businessmen seem to be so anxious that they drop everything upon seeing me only to jostle amongst themselves – just to hear me speak, mothers grab my hand and ask pleadingly, how will we survive?

In pressing times like this, I can no longer hide like some hermit deep in the jungle. I am forced to put on my superman bush jacket attire and dark glasses and appear virtually everywhere reassuring every category of the population.

In the kampung since time in immemorial – the mere sight of the man in a bushjacket lowers high blood pressure, calms frayed nerves and banishes anxiety. It can cure everything from irritable bowel syndrome to insomnia. As it’s very sight speaks of stability, order and symmetry.

Everyone from the community of seafaring fishermen who these days are forced to sail further just for chance to petty traders who complain relentlessly about the rising cost of living.

Usually when these simple folk ask me pleadingly, what will happen great landowner. I tell them in a clear voice like a bell – we will win!

Usually that is all it takes. Nothing more beyond this is required. In fact I suspect anything more would simply break the magic spell. Usually they look at me dumb struck momentarily. Then as if sensing something that they rather keep to themselves for fear of appearing stupid. They smile only to return back with increase vigor and joy to what they were doing.

Since I am autistic – this all comes very naturally to me. I seem to able to rise above the thick fog of pessimism and radiate nothing except pure confidence.

Autism it seems has it’s uses after all.



‘No matter the difficulty of the circumstances, no matter how dangerous the situation, at the heart of each crisis lies a tremendous and rare opportunity to even be greater and stronger.

I know this well. Not just as some cheap cliche. As I started my business smack in the middle of the last recession when the ground was so parched that nothing could ever grow. Not even a cactus. But even then when hope itself seemed incapable of growing into anything meaningful – I remembered saying to myself,

Great Blessings lie ahead for the one who knows the secret of finding opportunity within each crisis.

Through the passage of my accidental life. I have learned, that the power of positive association is so much stronger than any form of negativity that one or others may conjure. No matter how dark it is, a tiny beam of light is all it takes to kill the darkest of darkness.

We will win!’