‘The Lookout’

January 1, 2017

Man’s elemental state is to be alone. One day when we all look back on our lives and see the road we have all travelled, in spite of those who came in and out of lives, we were alone the whole way. I don’t mean to say we weren’t surrounded by people – but essentially, we were all lone travelers more or less.

Many things can be said about being alone – for one it’s not the same as loneliness. To be part of this truism – one has to first cultivate a deep spirited self-respect for oneself – as really I don’t see how you can respect yourself if you’re always having to look like a child in the hearts and minds of others to feel complete and whole.

That is the first lesson being alone imparts to all….respect for the most important person the needs it most…yourself.

It all starts from there. Something cannot come out from nothing.


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