Planned Replanting

January 3, 2017


The land I imagine will always be a she and never a he. To the man who knows her well it seems righter than right to regard her in such a way – like all women, she is vain and wants only to be seen only under her own terms – she is always trying to show off her best features and hide her less desirable side…..that is quite normal….and a gentlemen would do well to look the other way or pretend too.

But shyness can at times be problematic for a farmer – I need to know what her weak points are….so after the deluge we have been having for the past few days I trekked down early this morning to check her out.



From the looks of it – the drainage needs some minor landscaping to prevent brackish water from pooling.

This land is scheduled for replanting some time in May / June….if the weather behaves. If the weather is nutty, I have to play by ear. I need to raise the water table and dig trenches all the way to the Northern edge.

I don’t see anything major here – will go down tomorrow early in the morning to check how it’s coping with the next round of rains – seems to look OK.


‘One reliable way to die very fast in the kampung is to go around and point out the less desirable aspects of a farmer’s land – one can die very quickly and reliably that way.

As it’s not unusual for a farmer to have very deep spirited and passionate connection with the mistress….the land.

Take my first plot of land for instance. She’s the sort of girl where one will probably describe her in polite terms as, having a clear and beautiful complexion – which really is just code for very forgettable lah. As nothing else is happening in those other areas that usually pique the interest of men along with their other unmentionable body parts.

There is plenty not happening with her lah, even with batteries included, so much so, after ten negative points, one may even proceed to compile another twenty points and thereafter another and yet another. As not only is she pear shaped, but her rear end is as big a bus – she’s prone to flooding in the rainy season and to the front, she simply too steep that makes her a flat chested airport case, hardly the sort of girl that is likely to set a man’s heart on fire.

But give ANY land a good and fair run – and in all likelihood – one will eventually fall in love with her. As the relationship between man and land goes back a very very long way….it is an ancient union that modern man sadly has forgotten….how close a man’s soul is tied to the bosom of the land.

When one works on the land – she is will slowly dial up her charm. She will whisper to the farmer, I will make your heart ache for me when we are separated. As I will love you so much that you will see my beauty in every blade of grass – so much so when we are separated by even the briefest moments you will be able to taste our separation like blood on your lips.

Yes the land can do this and much more to a man….any man.

Even if in the very beginning – all that one can see is a dumpty one metric tonne internal beauty with a flower stuck behind her ear….but as time goes by, one can only fall in love with her.

Even if others may be callous and cruel in their depiction of her – the farmer will come to say….look at me! Do not listen to them. You are very beautiful and I love you with all my heart….do not complicate your already complicated life…that is all that matters. I do not care very much for what others may think and say….they can all go and die lah!

Whenever the land for reason known only to herself and no one else doesn’t produce or chooses to be difficult – and that is bound to happen from time to time. Even then the farmer will never curse her. Instead he will always make excuses for her when she throws a tantrum and such is his love for her – he will only choose to see her good side and remember the good times. He will say to himself – She can’t help it…the moon affects her. She is beholden to the winds and rains…what to do?

The moral of the story is it’s not important how a woman looks outwardly. What’s important for a man is to have the patience to discover the beauty of a woman’s heart.

All other things in this world will never last….they are just eye cnady – they will come and they will also go with the chastening passage of time and there is no end to this merry go round philosophy. As in the world there will always be something or someone better than what one already has..appearance wise at least – only the capacity of man to fashion true beauty from his mind can endure for eternity.

It takes a certain intelligence, patience and consistency for a man to know how to seek out beauty in seeming ordinariness.’


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