Living a simple life

January 5, 2017

Someone asked me recently why don’t you ever come out at night and drink with us? After all how much fun is it to be alone all the time?

I told this person…that’s the best part of staying in when the sun goes down.


When one seems to know everyone except who one really is – then one can only be shaky all the time. Shaky people will grab on to virtually anything to steady themselves. If they speak to others who they feel has a pleasant and educated accent – then they will go back and watch a lot of American sitcoms on Youtube and soon they too will have a DIY foreign accent. No need to even study abroad. Automatic, they will make it up as they go along. Twanging away like a broken harmonica some more.

If they mix with others with fashionable hairstyles all the time. They too will end up watching Korean drama’s like descendants of the sun and soon they too will be sporting the latest super high maintenance hair fashions along with looking in the mirror one million times a day.

And when shaky people see others with new and shiny cars. They too will end up buying a new car even if that is the last thing they can afford and even if they have to borrow money from their mom and dad to fill the tank and even even even if they have to get by with 3 minute maggi noodles to pay off their monthly installments.

Shaky people will always do all these things – as they all have a deep yearning to fill a void deep within them.

Sometimes it so very painful for me to come across shaky people.

And when a man is shaky it is very difficult for him to remained focus on anything long enough to see it to it’s logical end – everything that he starts will run out of petrol mid way – it will be abandoned on the first sign of trouble – as his attention span is as short as a house fly – as since his mind is always restless. It is always looking outwards to fill the void deep within him.

There is nothing inside….hence the search for fulfillment.

All this shakiness can only lead to unnecessary suffering and cancer of the wallet.

As for the man who knows himself – nothing can shake him. It is not possible. He’s rock steady like a mountain. I call this category of men the assassin creed. As these are very focussed individuals who can do many many things in this world.

Because they see the world very clearly without the slightest aberration of illusions.

In business one would do well to be mindful of such men – as they can pretend for years to be still like a lifeless rock only to suddenly spring to life and strike mercilessly like a cobra.

Research and study this well.

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