The wisdom of living within your means

January 5, 2017

People who know me well will probably tell you I am an awfully odd sort of person. Perhaps even bordering on the incredibly simple Simon stupid.

As firstly, I am not a very big fan of banks. Not enough at least to ever consider paying interest on a loan.

My policy is very simple.

If I don’t have the money. I don’t buy it. Not even if I need it now. I will save up for it. Don’t even care whether it goes up during the in between period.

Don’t like credit cards either. Never ever use it. Not even if I don’t have any other choice.

I reckon I am quite a simple sort of fellow – maybe an old economy sort of chap who others will probably have very little difficulty believing still lives in the age of flying boats, Imperial leather, paraffin lamps, mosquito nets, linen shirts and everything that is from a bygone age.

To some measure of degree this attitude is very much the preserve of the planter’s worldview – a way of life that has hardly changed at all. As if it’s not beholden to anything that is remotely embedded with a microchip or even requires batteries for it to hum happily to life.

It’s a very old way of seeing the world that I am always acutely conscious of whenever I find myself feeling lost as I so often do in cityscape.

So much so whenever I find myself in the company of people whose only preoccupation seems to be showing off how rich they are to people who hardly know or care – I can’t help but feel they’re poorer than beggars… since the banks literally own the next twenty five of their lives or the next five years when it comes to their spanking cars….it’s hard if not impossible to believe these erudite lot can actually be better off that a beggar holding out his desperate coconut half before the charity of the world.

At least the beggar owes no one a cent….the same cannot be said for a single one of these city folk….they’re up to their necks in debt.

The world I reckon has gone stark raving mad! Especially when the debt ridden believe whole heartedly…they’re well off.


‘If you really take the trouble to observe people around you very carefully. You will notice. Most do what others do only because they believe if so many people seem to be doing that thing. Then it has to be the right thing to do.

Others buy a house on a thirty year loan. They do the same. Others listen to some peculiar chap on TV saying, buying a house is the best investment they will ever make in life. They do the same. That sort of bovine attitude towards life unfortunately also guarantees should others decide to do and U turn and drive in the opposite direction of the traffic at 120 kmh – they are likely to do the same as well.

I think if there is one compelling reason why it’s absolutely necessary for one to step outside the so called wisdom of the crowd – it’s simply because there is no such thing as the wisdom of the crowd…..only perhaps the perpetual stupidity and gullibility of the crowd. If anything there is only the man who is separated from the world and thinks deeply about things.’

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