Don’t give Amos Yee any $…As I care for him!

January 7, 2017

Today I got into a very heated exchange with a bunch of really naive, good hearted zero streetwise folk who were all trying their best to recruit me by asking me to join them to raise funds for Mr Amos Yee.

I told these very naive people, not only am I not going to give one cent to Amos Yee. But I will also do everything within my power and range of influence in and outside the internet to stop others from doing so.

When these zero streetwise IQ goody two shoes folk asked me why am I so evil?

I simply told them all – Singapore is a chapter that has finally closed in Mr Yee’s life forever. It is no more. It came to the finality of the end, the very moment he tabled a case for political asylum in the US. And the best thing that all of them can do to assist Mr Yee is to encourage him to make it by his own steam in his new chosen homeland by not reminding him of Singapore any longer – after all, it is no more….a crisp and brand chapter stands before Mr Yee.

I wish him the very best of luck.

Should Mr Yee require any letters of reference to seek employment in ANY farm in the US. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line – as not only am I a very prominent forummer and active contributor to countless farming forums in the US. I also happen to be a honorary member of the albino cyclops order of the KKK (I don’t think they know I am of Asian descent, just to warn you!) – I will be more than happy to arrange some farmer in Nebraska or Illinois to post him a spade and report for work as a farm laborer.

I really don’t understand how can you all say – I don’t have his best interest in heart when I am prepared to do all this and much more for Mr Yee.


‘Want to be a revolutionary? Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. But you must first learn to get by on your own steam – that is the first revolution every aspiring revolutionary learns….after all let us not talk about Revolution when you don’t even know how to stop the revolution of acid juice churning round and round in your stomach just because you dunno how to earn money to put five bucks on a combo meal in Long John Silver – after all Che Guevera worked as a physician. As for Fidel Castro he also worked as a lawyer. Even Adolf Hitler worked as a postcard painter in the streets of Vienna. Idi Amin was a career soldier. Stalin was a professional hit man. As for Alvin Tan he too is working as a waiter and an internet porno film star.

My point is all revolutionaries are first and foremost workers who have highest respect and veneration for the idea of dignity of labor!

There is nothing more edifying to a revolutionary than to apply himself gainfully to labor in such a way where others are willing to vote for him with their wallets. This is first dictum BEFORE any revolution can begin in the mind of the revolutionary.

Please understand I harbor no malice or ill will towards Mr Yee. On the contrary I have his welfare first and foremost in mind that is why I am so invested in his education as a revolutionary.

OK so you say – you want to be good hearted, caring and fight the good fight, that is why you want to donate to Mr Yee’s relocation fund. But what will eventually happen to a man or for that matter any man who doesn’t at some point in his life learn the wisdom of how to get by in this world by the sweat of his brow?

In what manner or for that matter logic might you be enabling Mr Yee to be a revolutionary?

I submit to you if you give him money – you are disabling him as certainly as surely as hammering nails into his kneecaps. How might the easy street steel his mind, clarify his philosophy of opposition to create the man who leads a revolution. Or for that matter supply the raw material for him to be a great revolutionary when he doesn’t even know basic life skills like how to earn his keep to buy a Big Mac?

What sort of pariah dog revolutionary might that be – who doesn’t even have the sagacity, discipline or resolve to put in an eight hour shift to buy a brain freeze slurpee from 7/11?

There is no revolution going on there….do you all hear me….are we all on the same page? – only perhaps the going round and round variety of revolution that invariably leads to nowhere….all of you are not enabling as much as disabling him from gainfully actualizing his dreams of be a revolutionary.

Please bear in mind I genuinely want Mr Yee to succeed in his life quest – that is why the best thing anyone can possibly do to help him actualize his goal is to give him absolutely nothing. Not even so much as card board shilling.

As it is only in abject nothingness that some thing significant can emerge resembling a true revolutionary.’

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