Even a puppy can piss on a skyscraper

January 8, 2017

Last night I was asked to share my point of view on the likes of Alvin Tan and Amos Yee to a bunch of brainless youths. Who all seem to think these two characters are the best thing that appeared in the Singapore scene since the advent of kaya bread with Nutella.

This is my take.



‘Seniors are talking here. So sit down and Shaddap, before you all fall down and make fools of yourself. Remember seniors are talking. If you all want to continue to talk then let me know I will happily go away and wash dishes or light an incense stick or whatever….OK.

You see it is very simple. I am not saying that these people don’t have a right to do what they are doing – if you ask for my point of view – it’s no big deal man.

You want to share pics of your pecker in instagram. No big deal lah. You want to stand up on a soap box and proclaim to the whole wide world if you don’t slouch and stand up straight. You stand two inches taller! No big deal either.

But the question here is how effective is that? How many people are you really going to get to buy into your conception of what is right or wrong?

Now a smarter way to accomplish all this with a Big Bang – is to first study hard, get a good job, earn and invest well and at some point start your own enterprise.

Be so good at it that you will even end up owning your own private jet, island retreat and if possible even consider starting your own foundation like George Soros, Aga Khan, Rockefeller et al.

Then once you’re on the top of the hill – then and only then, do whatever you want to do.

You want to know what? No one will bat an eyelid. Absolutely no one – as at that level of the game. You own everyone. Governments don’t like what you’re doing. OK very simple, I will pull out jobs out of your banana republic. Shut down enterprises and pack up like a traveling circus. How’s that? Don’t like me some more. OK I will get my attorneys to buy up a majority stake in Youtube, to filter information….and while I am at it, I will ban you! Still don’t like what I am doing? OK I will charter a heavy lift cargo plane fill it to the ceiling with gold bars and give it to the Russians on the condition they convenient engineer regime change. Still want to hassle me? Still want to put me in jail? OK I will buy Fox TV and CNN and forward my version of the truth against yours. I will also buy up Saatchi & Saatchi to further add spin on engineering consent on the mass and industrial scale. Buy all the stock pictures in this world of cute Panda’s and all the lovable furry animals to leverage on soft power…some more want?

Do you know this what really effective people will do to fashion their designs, especially if they are passionate about effecting real change in their lifetime.

Coming to think of it – do you ever see the free masons, Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Club, 322, Illuminati or Opus Dei posting stupid videos online just to get hits? Coming to think of it do you ever see the Mercantile Interspacing Guild doing all these things.

No…no…Never! They don’t ever do stupid low mileage things like take on officialdom with just two bucks in their pocket and a tube of Mentos – that’s infanticide…use your mentality!

These are very serious agents of change. Not like amateur night folk like you lot.

And don’t ask me how I know about such worldly affairs – because if I tell you. Men with no necks will rappel down Blackhawk helicopters and we would disappear from the face of this planet….poof!

My point gentlemen is there’s always a game plan that involves strategy, planning along with execution to move from the domain of theory to reality. The process is cold, calculating and very deliberate. Above all it’s conducted with stealth. The power of utmost invisibility.

That’s what effective people always do! They first position themselves to win! Not lose.

Above all they first work on themselves to be high performers and very effective people.

They don’t do stupid things like work as a waiter or crowd fund for their next meal – what kinda of stupid logic might that be! Think about it whether I put in an eight hour shift as a waiter or someone who is able to make decent money is exactly the bloody same – but the pay out is very different.

And this brings into focus one of the most important way points for positioning yourself to win – if you’ve got no paper qualifications, no life skills and only seem to get by with super glue and ductape to keep stuff from falling apart because you have no earning power – what kinda of revolution are Jon talking here!

Or all you seem to have is a bunch of imaginary friends who just visit your blog or Facebook page to click on the likes tag bar along with keep saying you’re smart – so what?

What’s the big deal? We all know that’s not real! I mean if you’re thrown in jail on trumped up charges at three in the morning and you call up your Facebook friends – none of them will ever bail you out like Superman. That doesn’t count!

If you think it counts then you’re stupid.

Like I said don’t get me wrong – I am not here to judge whether this is right or wrong. Do you all see me wearing a funny hat like King Solomon? Nope!

I am not here to judge anyone – I am just telling it the way it really is!

All I am saying is if you want to shake up the world – do it with a beginning, middle and end in mind.

Otherwise just put in eight hours of mugging time to get a passable grade in university. Land a cookie cutter job. Learn to say yes sir, no sir three bags full. Put a downpayment on a pigeon hole somewhere in Sengkang. Drive a second hand Toyota Vios and pray three times a day and hang a stainless steel crucifix in your car that no one in a Mercedes decides to do a U turn and drive head on at you at 120 kmh just because he can’t get his accounts to square. Marry a low maintenance girl. Learn to flip an omelette. Reuse your plastic seal bags. Wash your car with one bucket of water and no more. Pay your bills on time. Brush your teeth after every meal. Stay away from Char kuey teow and hope that heavy things don’t drop from the sky and crush you dead….because that is really your lot.

So what if you can speak and write well. But you’re poor. So what if you have the freedom to think whatever you want to think. But you don’t even have the freedom to walk into a restaurant to eat whatever you desire as you keep looking at the price list and finally settle on a cheap salad!

Freedom is wasted on you!

It is nihilism to talk about power and the capacity to influence meaningfully – when one doesn’t even have the power to take a cab and have to settle for a bicycle on a cold winter’s day.

If….if you don’t take my advise. Now you all see that door? Take a good look at it. I am walking right thru it. Bye Bye.

Just remember if and that’s a very big if….if you get that private executive jet drop me a line – as I have some ideas on how to shake up the world. But like I said, if it’s going to be a meetup at KFC on buy one get another free nite followed by Mengelembu ground nuts with ten people going Dutch. Then Dowan lah. As it will never ever come around…never!’


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