Small house

January 8, 2017

I like this very much.

I plan to build myself such a house on my new land to the West. It will definitely not be as high end. As I want keep cost super low. That means I will build it out of scrap that I will probably scrounge around the junkyard and remake to be pretty.

I am excellent with my hands can – technical climb, fashion pulleys and winches to lift heavy stuff, weld, plumb, tile, wire, brick lay and work expertly with a mallet and chisel to fit wooden joints without nails.

I plan to work on it once I cut down the old palms and begin growing bananas for a change.

It will be fun and functional and I imagine ultimately necessary in the long run to have such a shelter entirely powered by solar and batteries. That would certainly give me loads of options – to stay there overnight or maybe a few days instead of having to drive all the way back to the plantation house – to cook a bit or just as a place to sit and relax under a tree with a bottle of chilled white wine. Or maybe I will just take a nap in the cool embrace of nature.



‘I put myself thru university by holding down a wide variety of jobs. I wasn’t too picky. Anything that paid. I took gladly. At that time I just saw it as a hard grind…a dogs life…a lowly soldiers lot – as I was always tired and no matter how hard I scrubbed. I always seemed to have dirt underneath my nails and smell of grease – while the rest of the other students all looked so clean and well rested and carefree.

I remembered those days as mostly cold and muggy – heartless even with steely clouds that for some reason always resembled the harshness of steel wool – in the early morn when I would trudge to work I would often look up at the godless sky….it always seemed so dark and angry then.

But as I grow older for some reason the clouds look softer. Benevolent and at times playful. Maybe it’s all coming back…the good stuff that I once considered bad.

I guess what I am trying to say is I am very thankful for all that work experience. I now understand….I understand completely.

As a tower technician. I learnt how to climb confidently and safely in rain, sleet and snow without ever peeing in my pants. When I worked as a technician in a nuclear plant – I learnt how to work safely and respect things that can kill in a blink of an eye. As a carpenter. I learnt the discipline of keeping all my tools always razor sharp, clean and well oiled. As a shoe artist – I learnt the importance of having the end in mind from the very beginning. As an undertaker I learnt how to dress impeccably to pay respect to the dead, living and institutions and to always carry myself in a serious way. As a bodyguard. I learnt how to anticipate danger and to trust only my instincts. As a game keeper I learnt how to remain still for hours like a lifeless stone and to kill with only one shot to the head. As a dog handler for a security firm, I learnt that proud Alsatians will only obey your commands – if you respect yourself first and foremost. When I worked as a sewerage inspector – I learnt that dirt was never something a working man should ever be ashamed of no matter how others may look or treat you. As cook in a Cantonese restaurant. I learnt how whip up a meal in two minutes flat with orders coming in fast and furious. As a welder I learnt never to look directly into the arc and to only see with my ears by how the arc crackles and hisses as it liquifies steel. As a gardener, I learnt how to read the secrets and mysteries of each season and to bear out with great patience the unfolding beauty of nature that I eventually learn to love as it’s sentinel. As a lift mechanic. I learnt how to humor and tame cantankerous machines and came to regard them as people with quirks.

Nothing it seems is ever wasted in life – not even if it seems a litany of grind – the most important thing is never to get hung up on status, prestige or to impose limits on oneself by saying – you can only do this and that is for people beneath you.

Absolutely nothing is ever wasted in life. Not even the hard and difficult times. As it will always come back like the proverbial boomerang.

Experience all things in life….the more the better. As it shall make you worldly and wise in the way of the working man.’

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