Real revolution defined

January 10, 2017

In the moment of my youth. I believed to make the world a better place – I had to stand up on a soap box and shout out the truth as loud as I could till my lungs hurt. But as I grow older. I realize it’s conceivable that belief may have been misplaced and possibly even downright wrong.

If the imperative is to save people and planet….it could well be a very private matter that doesn’t require any shouting at all. Rather it is quite an unexciting and mundane process that requires one to work on oneself daily and to allow the goodness within the self to grow like a tree to reach out beyond to the outer world.

Maybe that is a surer way of saving people and planet.



‘I am inclined to see a revolution as a very quiet, low key and private affair – for me, it’s never full frontal and right in your face like Joshua Wong and Amos Yee. It’s the opposite of big, brash and loud – minuscule and seemingly insignificant to a point where it may not even be register with anyone except maybe yourself and perhaps your pet goldfish.

You know I own two parcels of land – one is here and the other is over there. Every time I need to travel…usually, I drive my diesel guzzling four by four, it’s noisy and I imagine if you add up all the trips, it has to be awfully toxic to the planet as well. Recently I made a commitment to use my car less and get on my bike more. So these days I commute mostly by bicycle.

It’s a very small revolution to save people and planet…so small that it may not even seem to make a difference….but that’s how I see it.

Did the same by cutting down on toxic herbicides last year from sixty gallons to virtually zero – as I am mindful of how herbicides can poison groundwater and even leach into the rivers to eventually affect wildlife and ultimately transform humans into zombies.

That involved researching extensively on how to use friendly weeds to suppress aggressive weeds – many trials were conducted…many failures, but one strain survived and thrived, so now if you visit my plantation, you’ll see a lot of cover crop, it’s very green and maybe a bit messy – but don’t let it all fool you – as a quiet revolution is occurring right before you – the good weeds are slowly and surely killing off the bad – this can only improve yield and produce safe crops without having to cannibalize and ultimately leave the land dead and lifeless….above all it’s ecologically sustainable….maybe I will publish a paper in the agronomy journal some day. Maybe not – again it’s a very quiet revolution with just one nondescript man plodding along planting strange weeds in one obscure corner of the world…far removed from the panoptical spot lights of the pineapple eyes of the world.


My point is real revolutions are very small, often seemingly insignificant even….but like the bicycle and good weeds don’t let mere appearances fool you – as it all adds up and if more people can do simple things like consume less…it can be a very big revolution.

As at times even the most mundane and uninspiring of acts such as waking up and joining the rest of the human race to work, may well be an act that requires nothing short of uncommon valor and courage. As life can be challenging and requires nothing short of a personal revolution to get on top off. The father who skips lunch so that his kids can have an extra dollop of ice cream. The mother who waits patiently in the hot sun for her kids after school – the family man who continues to smile and brings laughter to his kids even though he realizes the future doesn’t seem that bright….as the world is changing not for the better, but the worse.

Like I said that how it is – real revolutions are all quiet, small and often so whisper silent that they might just past you by.

Well that’s all for now….it’s five in the morning…the sun will break soon. I need to dress up and fight the good fight. Have a nice day in the land of the small revolutions.’


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