Financial IQ

January 11, 2017

For one to play well. One would do well to familiarize oneself with how the game is actually played….it would seem all that one really requires is the rules of how the game is played. Like perhaps how placing a chip on a red slot – pays out half, if the ivory ball lands on a red slot in the roulette wheel. Or should one decide to plumb for a numbered slot, it pays out triple should it hit home.

Yes….those I imagine at one level of understanding may well be all there is to the rules that make up a game of roulette.

But even if one chooses to be suspicious surely it’s conceivable there could be other rules along with other books that make the rules.

Now one more time please if you will – in your own time of course….are you ready?

For one to play well. One would do well to familiarize oneself with how the game is actually played….


‘What I consider stranger than strange. That even manages to transport the word strange beyond it’s dictionary meaning is how Africans who don’t even know ABC. Or who think fridges are just nice cupboards to put clothes in seem to always have a better appreciation of finances – for one they always insist on gold.

That’s why if one wants to buy ivory, contraband coffee beans during the off season or maybe a Russian Mig 21 jet – it always pays to have a few kilo’s of gold bars.

Modern man specifically those who lay claim to sterling education and even regularly boast of being well read ALL without a single exception suffer from either a delusional or an atrocious appreciation of what is really money…value or utility.

I guess one reason for this brain leaching may have something to do with how nearly everybody is dominated by somebody else’s brain or opinion these days – till at some point, the disembodied mind becomes so saturated with nonsense it can only become impossible to learn the truth about money along with the politics and power of how governments and corporations conjure up the seeming illusion of value in it’s various delectable forms concerning – value, holding power right down to how km he defines the individual and organizational success.

In such a society where value is so scripted in such a manner to only benefit governments and corporations – our real wealth will depend less and less upon the private ownership of real, usable property, and more and more upon institutional abstraction and corporate mumbo jumbo – here in the never never land of the financial supermarket – individual control over one’s finances is often illusionary and futile – as since the concept of value is further spliced into ever finer forms of abstractions such as housing loans, Medicare, pension funds, insurance policies, certificates of deposit, stocks, convertible bonds and shares.

And as our conception of value becomes that much more abstract so does our capacity to seek real financial liberation.

Hence for all our preoccupation about freedom and autonomy, there remains few choices that we are free to make. As since
political power is inextricably aligned to wealth in it’s inception. This alignment can only serve to destroy the wealth of the commons….now you know why the African is much more level headed chap than the best city slicker – after all, when was the last time you say him putting a downpayment on a pigeon hole. A space in air? Or for that matter splurging out a princely sum on a car that maybe cost less than 10K to manufacture?

No…. By every known definition – he has to be a very smart sort of fellow.’

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