January 12, 2017


Our man is finally in the slot. He is 100% brotherhood. He is guild….it is not perfect. As I am told he is an oil man, but nevertheless surely he knows our discipline and the importance of common good and most importantly unity – we must close ranks….this is the time to set our differences asides, especially the cosca’s – we will stand in one line and set aside our differences.

This after all is our way, when the council has made a decision.

The TPP will be passed. The date is April 22. I want to be clear. I oppose the TPP. Personally. But if it is necessary as the Council says for Singapore’s survival then I shall keep quiet….very quiet.

You will not hear a word from me.

Understand this! I was not here. This conversation never took place….send the scorpion sign.

This is wisdom. Obey me… I am Darkness 2016.


‘Some years back ago when I mentioned the world is changing…it is not the way it used to be. Even then I could not have possibly foreseen either the waywardness of the trajectory or for that matter – the breakneck speed of change. Neither was I mentally prepared for the sudden and unexpected advent of the class divide – by even our most conservative estimations – all this would only occur circa 2020.’

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