The good in all the bad of Trump

January 14, 2017

Trump’s win has definitely shaken the four corners of the world. There is no doubt about that – what will he do? No one knows…I suspect not even Trump himself knows what he will eventually do or decide not to do.

But if there is any redeeming quality to Mr Trump’s unexpected and shocking win – it is simply this…there is finally the recognition, things can no longer go on the way it used to be….the elites can no longer brush this aside a kink in their plans. Neither can they dismiss it as a one off either.

The stakes are simply too high.

For the very first time since the inception of globalization and free trade as a school of thought…many will have to reflect deeply on how best to proceed forward….and that in my humble opinion may not be such a bad thing for both people and planet.


‘I don’t believe bad can be so bad that it can entirely squeeze out every drop of the good. That’s not how the world works! It only seems that way – as usually even in the very bad…there is good to be found IF one looks hard enough.

People who you love with all your heart, treat you badly, so that you can leave, heal and find a better soulmate. Friends change thru time, so that you can learn to stand on your own two feet and rely on yourself. Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right. You get conned and lied too so that you can learn to trust yourself and be suspicious of others, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Try always to see the good in people, events and things. Nothing in this world is either completely good or bad. This is the yin and yang of the way of the world.’

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