January 16, 2017

Anyone I reckon can spot out either a pretty girl or a handsome guy from the crowd. But come on? What does that really say except maybe a big nothing. I guess what I am trying to convey here is the idea how some people who are highly sensitive can look beyond the superficial and usually see things that no one else can ever be part of – like perhaps looking at a young pretty girl and seeing the old woman she will eventually become.

A man with a keener sense of sensitivity I imagine could go two or three steps up the rung of the ladder higher and even trace out either the young man or pretty girl in the old man and crumpled woman.

But a really sensitive man – I mean a five chili sensitive man. The sort that can just sense what’s in your mind even before you can begin conjuring and fleshing out a form in your head.

He can do something quite unusual that no other man can – he can stop time itself. I am not kidding. To even hold eternity in one grain of sand and look at an old shriveled up woman to see her exactly the way she used to be…or to just look into a man’s eyes and see the all the heady hues of the sights and sounds and experiences that once came in and out of his life.

To even read the sardonic hint in his seemingly Cheshire Cat smile. But above all…a really sensitive man has so many many stories.



‘Everyone has a story. Everyone. No one just walks over the hill and there and then the story of their life starts in earnest. That’s not how it is and don’t ever believe that version about people….it just means you don’t know their story.

Doesn’t even matter how smart or stupid, fat or slim, educated or how much of a farmer they happen to be. As I said, everyone has a story….and every story is in the relative scale of things in relation to this timeline, what has and will happen and the universe is the most important narrative to the person who wordsmiths this story.

No one’s story is higher or lower, doesn’t even matter whether it is LKY or even the Shah of Iran or I am a legend story…every story stands equal like picket fences that go right on into the horizon and beyond.

Some stories are exciting in the beginning. Others start off slowly and get up to speed eventually somewhere around the time when you’re wondering whether you should put the book down for good – then there are stories with no beginning, middle or even end.

But everyone has a story….and when one begins to understand the story of a life lived only then will the true person emerge – only the most perceptive, sensitive and worldly can read the alphabets that make up the words, sentences and paragraphs of this story….to know people as their stories is to understand, respect and honor them.’

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