The curious case of Mr Trump

January 17, 2017

Where the hell is all this going? Where?…..renegotiate the one China policy? Make a bed with Russia and sleep alongside the likes of Putin? Ratifying the annexation of the West Bank by Israel? Bring back jobs to America even if it spells the impending economic demise of US multinationals? Set aside the Kyoto treaty and allow the world to boil till it resembles the hottest place in hell?

Where is all this going? Where is Henry Kissinger et al?

Who the hell is even in charge of the USA inc? Is anyone even manning the bridge? Is anyone there!

Even organized crime can’t afford to do a fraction of all this! They cannot. Trust me. As when the centre threatens to give right in and suck everything into a black hole – men will convene around a table in the dead of night and ask of each other – can we find a way to live and let live?

This is a form of insanity I have never come across before!

We need to study and research it well to prosper.

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