The beauty of every stage of life

January 20, 2017

Today the most famous Bo Lang Ai (spinster) in the village asked of me whether she should dye her hair. I told this lady, I know nothing of these things – but when on to share with her…if dyeing her hair makes her happy…I see nothing wrong about it. Then she asked of me whether it is a good idea for her to fly to Korea and have a facelift. Again I told this lady…I know nothing of these things and again I went on to share with her…if having a facelift makes her happy….I see nothing wrong about it.

Before this lady left my plantation – I turned her attention to a young palm and told her, do you see it is full of life and vigor, bursting with all of life even….how beautiful. Then as we walked to a grove of older trees. Again I drew this lady’s attention to a row of older palms and this time I told her – do you see how majestic and steady they all look….that is because they have seen the coming and passing of so many seasons that they bear the scars of having lived thru the good and bad times….the lady asked me there and then…what are you trying to tell me?

My point is in every stage of life, there is exceptional beauty that is unique and particular to only that timeline and age…and one would do well to see appreciate the full extent of it’s beauty….and not to swept away by the vapid and superficiality of the world. As that is not real. Neither is it sustainable or even a reflection of what life is all about.

Once you know who you are. You will see and appreciate this beauty even if the world is content to chase after the superficial.

I went on to tell this bereft lady – let the world do what it wants to do! You don’t have to sign up for the package.

Perhaps what I am trying to convey here is when one is at peace with this beauty that every stage of life offers then suddenly many things in this world will suddenly lose it’s meaning. This does not mean, you are living less of what life can offer you….it just means you are now living the way you want to live and not always distracted to please others.


In life it pays to be a bit thick skinned. As if one is thin skinned, then one can only be swept away by the expectations and opinions of others. Soon one will only end up living for their sake.

Do what matters most to you; do what makes you feel alive and happy. Providing you are not harming people and planet. There is no wrong there. That’s your right.

Never allow the expectations and ideas of others to limit who you are or who you aspire to be.

If you don’t write down in bold letters who you are. Then others will tell you who you are and even where the limits of your life should start and end. Soon you will be living their reality — not yours.

To do all this requires deep spirited internal confidence that can only come from knowing who you really are. Become a whole being. Be adventurous.

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