For the man who cannot return back to Singapore for CNY 2017

January 28, 2017

It’s easy to forget the truly important things in life in the hustle and bustle of Chinese New Year. This year, if you are going to be celebrating the year of the Rooster as part of a loving family and community where people are safe and healthy, that is a true blessing worth celebrating.

Only light a candle for those who are in faraway lands. As even if they are not there with all of you…they carry only YOU and your well being in their hearts…..wherever they are.

We do not sulk. We suck in all in like real men. As this is our karma…the life of the frontier man. As for those who are celebrating CNY in the home front. Smile. Never ever allow sadness to creep into your hearts…not even for one moment. As not every man has the rare privilege to be driven by a noble mission to go out into the uncharted and make a better world for those who he loves with the sheer power of his will.

Many can talk, but very few can do this day in and out without ever once complaining.

Work is religion!



‘If you go to the darkest forgotten regions of Africa where even angels fear to tread – do not be surprised should you find the frontier man peering at a rock intently with a loop – he’s a miner. You can tell as they all have that searching look in their eyes like a man on a mission – today is probably marked on a calendar nailed to a post in his field tent, it might just be a scrawl with perhaps a faded print of his wife and kids tacked beside it. From time to time this man looks at this image then to his watch – he leafs thru a manual of tabula and suddenly a smile breaks across his weather worn features. He’s lucky today. The satellite will arc thru the godless sky soon and maybe if he’s lucky and his batteries hold, he might be able to speak to his wife and children for a while and that is all he needs to carry on.

To this man to go where no mind dares to go is a religion. Work is prayer. And the litany of another day in the dusty heat of the mines in a sea of savages is meditation.

Deep in the emerald green somewhere in South America – do not be surprised should you also come across a frontier man standing at the edge his soya fields. They stretch out as far as the eye can see and as light bows out to darkness filling the star filled night skies all this man can do is feel the pangs of being separated from his loved ones back home – soon he too smiles. Yes, it’s been a very tough year battling El Niño. But the man wears a satisfied look. As he gave as good as he took and even rolled as best he could with the punches to finally make it safely to the other side. While others floundered on the rocks. This man may be worn, tired and spent, but he’s happy as like the lone miner he too is a man with a mission.

As to this man – to go where no mind dares to go is a religion. Work is prayer. And the litany of another day in the fields is meditation.

In the flaming lit forest of skyscrapers in Shanghai an accountant looks out wantonly into the far distance where the sea seems to separate between the muddy line of the Wanchao and the paraffin blue of the Pacific – he too wonders about his family back home and occasionally he even notices, he’s lost a hour or two having imaginary conversations with the characters far back home – yes…it happens usually this time of the year he says to himself – but nonetheless he too smiles, as he too like the miner and farmer all belong to men cut from the same cloth – they’re all frontier men.

Men who all chosen to take wing and go the other way and not settle for less as taxi drivers and security guards. Not because it is easy. But because it is difficult and at times heart wrenching…as that is the mathematics of reality of what it takes to create a better life for our children.

Men who understand servanthood, duty, risk taking and the wisdom to keep at it, even when it’s tough as nails. Men who have the uncommon courage to pick up the pieces should it go wrong as it sometimes does only to start again….men who are all driven by a mission.

I wish you all happy Chinese New Year and I too like every single one of you who may not be able to return home this year will light at candle to honor you all…wherever we all may be…you are not alone.’

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