Choose…are you with or against Trumpism

February 4, 2017

During lunch. I chanced on a table on well heeled plantation ladies. As soon as they caught sight of me – one particular lady who I can only assume to be the most dominant lady amongst these ladies extended her hand. Naturally. I bowed low and kissed her hand. A chair was presented. I took my place and no sooner had I done so. This impeccably dressed lady turned to be in and asked, ‘do share…are you with or against Trump?’

I happen to know the history of this lady. She was educated in Paris. Hence my reply, ‘après moi deluge.’ To which the other ladies all laughed out loud….except this one lady who continued to look at me suspiciously…maybe she senses that I am holding back….yes, I think she can read my mind. She did after all kick me very hard on my shin under the table when the rest of the ladies laughed….but no. I am never going to let the cat out from the bag.

Instead I smiled supremely….ouch! Trust me I would rather take on my guli’s.

Never…it’s just too painful and dangerous.

No one will ever know my thoughts.



‘So far it is merely a theoretical possibility – but as Trumpism as a school of thought and state of mind begins to define itself in clearer terms to it’s various objects of public and business interest – eventually even firms will be compelled to choose which side they want to stand on. CEO’s would have to take a position – they can’t be neutral. Not at least without coming playing both sides – neither can they take sanctuary in the notion that politics should best be left to politicians either, that will be suicidal!

As I see it. It’s really only a matter of time before the pressure will begin to slowly intensify.

This is the what usually happens when business interest becomes so encrusted with politics…it’s inevitable. Absolutely nothing can stop this process where it all ratchets up in steady increments till something gives.

Meanwhile the idea conditions for a more chaos along with opportunity is all there – there parts are not there yet. But they will be soon. As it is, it’s still early days – there are no parts yet, there’s no need to replace one thing with another. No yet at least. Besides what’s the bloody point when I don’t even know where it’s all going…who even knows – so really what is the urgency to remove anything or add anything. You don’t have to think about difficult things just yet – take a seat…watch….and trust me eventually the bough will give way and water will find it’s level.

It’s best to remain pleasantly neutral as best as one can for the time being.’

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