Spy craft

February 9, 2017

In the past. Not even secret agents had access to stuff like this. But today anyone can just walk into a tech shop, swipe his card and in no time he has exactly the same gear that James Bond would probably drool over.

This is another nifty product. During the Cold War this device was so large that it needed two people just to carry it and had to be mounted on a tripod. But today, it can be used for night hunting to making out intruders in absolute darkness. Again remarkable.

This is yet another indispensable tool for espionage and clandestine operations – a pocketable camera with super duper high resolution to capture details in high fidelity. Again this sort of stuff was only available as far back as ten years ago with people lugging around bulky cameras with lens the diameter of a thermos flask.

I mean this something that leggy chicks would probably see you driving in and consider that you’re maybe in the nuclear waste disposal business or something. Maybe it just needs a cost of pink or baby blue paint to take off the rough and sharp edges – but again this is commercially purchasable and if it comes right down to a face off – there is very little that needs to be said about the outcome.

I am an accomplished technical mountain climber – but this piece of kit is so incredibly advanced and well designed that I could just as well throw out 90% of what I currently have in my medieval climbing box and just use it as a stand alone for practically every single climb condition. If James Bond had just this alone – he would have to be jumping out of windows or struggling with flimsy drain pipes to get into high security buildings. This is fits it all with the unparalleled safety features.

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