Pranksters in mini skirts hired to kill?

February 17, 2017

There is something very wrong with the picture. It’s not quite right. Target is hard to get at. As his movements have to remain random. Where were his bodyguards?

Two amateurs. Women. They obviously have no prior clandestine training. Reports are conflicting. At first it was reported target was splashed in the face with a mysterious liquid. Then a hanky held over his face for ten seconds! Latter on it’s reported, he was sprayed in the face. Again this is not right.

Hard target. Only one chance for a decisive kill and a fifty fifty method is deployed. It can’t be right. As not even puffer fish poison can work with just a splash.

Location was right. Target was preoccupied with automated checking in – that part was good.

But the rest of the picture is not right.

After the capper. Both pranksters didn’t even bother to follow evasive procedures. Clearly amateurs with no prior training.

Something is missing – an injection.

That’s the only reliable way. The 100% method to guarantee target is terminated if poison was used.

Four mysterious men were seen. Again that’s not right. You wouldn’t be able to make them out. Not as a team or unit. They would have been discreet.

Maybe they just wanted to kidnap the target? Maybe it was a botched job? Maybe they didn’t mean to kill him?

If it’s a kill job – there had to be an instrument to deliver the poison – it had to be injected. Intravenous delivery of poison is 100%. It’s the only way. The preferred method of a professional assassin.

Where is the injection device? Was there even one? Are North Korean assassins even involved?

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