The sad fate of a simple village girl from Vietnam

February 24, 2017


She was just a simple girl from a rice growing village far removed from the bright lights of the city. Like all village girls. She may have entertained distant dreams of becoming a famous singer one day – or maybe all she wanted in life was to appear on TV. It’s very hard to say with village girls. They are all very impressionable and so suggestable.

Eventually she finally made it to the bright lights of the city – she probably got to experience many of the delightful sights and sounds she could only dream about when she was stuck in the mud in that epically going nowhereville of a rice village in Vietnam.

One day the simple village girl met a nice Korean man who was probably not so simple. He persuaded her to pull a prank on someone. She is after all a simple village girl who probably doesn’t even know there is such a country called North Korea. Korea yes, but North and South? That has to be just weathervane talk as she’s just after all a simple girl from a rice growing village.

Neither does she know about VX nerve agent. She was probably motivated to carry out the ‘harmless prank’ for a new handbag.

After all what harm can possibly come from wiping some oily stuff on a persons face? Surely he’s not going to keel over and die like her water bufallo once did one day when that dumb beast stuck his whole tongue into a drum of herbicide – only to die with four legs sticking straight up like an up turned table LOL!

After that capper. The simple village girl returned back to her hotel room and logged into her Facebook account to talk to her imaginary friends. She was arrested shortly.

As the complexity of the case unravelled – the life of the once simple village girl became so complicated that even people following this story seem to be popping Panadol like candy. She is now finds herself embroiled in a diplomatic assassination involving a North Korean dynastic scion using James Bond chemical weapons – along the endless intrigues of geo politics and power struggles in distant lands involving people who she hardly knows. The simple village girl is clueless what the fuss is all about – as for the not so simple nice Korean man. He and his buddies have skipped town.

The trail is cold like a snow man’s tracks…she’s landed with the bag.

The simple village girl is now behind bars and her life is so very complicated that she may even end up facing a murder wrap.

The irony is she finally got to make it to the world stage. Everyone now has logged in YouTube to hear her sing. Everyone has seen her prank, it may be grainy and the lighting is so-so but she’s finally made it to TV! She is now an international star for all the wrong reasons.

It’s very sad. Life is very cruel.


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