El Niño 2

March 3, 2017

This week some chatter was getting around Twitter and within climate circles about the possibility of El Niño returning in 2017. Wait, El Niño? Didn’t we just have a major El Niño in 2015? The answer is yes. The 2015-2016 El Nino was a very strong El Niño. It affected weather patterns around the world, the Atlantic hurricane season, and global temperature records in 2015. With the “shares” and “retweets” about another El Niño returning so quickly, back to back against the last one, it certainly felt very much like another ground hog day.



‘Man is very funny thinking animal. He invents the aluminum can, plastic bags along with ten thousand other things that would probably survive after him well after he has gone. Then one fine day, he discovers a rare of moment of epiphany and exclaims….look at the mess!

Thereafter he steps into his gas guzzling machine and drives off spewing so much shit into the air that it poisons both people and planet.

It’s not so different from a man who sees something brown one day while walking, decides to smell it only to say, it’s shit! Then he proceeds to wipe this brown stuff all over his face as if it’s sunblock only to say, it feels like shit. Thereafter he takes a bite out of it and concludes, it taste like shit and after a moment of deliberation he smiles and tells you, luckily I didn’t step on it.

So the question is how does one even begin to engage this sort of character in a deep spirited and intelligent conversation about how can we reach some form of resolution concerning how he’s killing the planet by the way he lives.

The short answer is it’s pointless. You might as well go and plough the sea!

But if you say to this very same man. Here’s a bag of seeds. There is the land. From today onwards. This is your only means to make ends meet. Have a great life! Bye bye see you in ten years!

Now let’s assume this man can bear out patiently what it takes to run an enterprise. And the only reason why I feel the need to say this is because that has to be a very frightening life proposition no matter how one decides to cut it – as commercial farming is far from easy street – I can think of a hundred other ways to turn a buck.

But let us assume after ten long years we go back and talk to this man. Let us even assume he’s made it!

Now the first thing you would probably notice about this man is how small his carbon footprint is – he seems to only dress in khaki. Why because he probably recycles his detergent to first wash his clothes and then his dishes. That’s normal with planters as since they live in a plantation. They don’t have piped water.

He is also very frugal in the way he uses electricity as well. He much prefers to sleep without an air conditioner. As there is really no need to do so since the temperature plummets to a comfortable 23 degrees usually four hours after the approach of darkness.

But if you ask why he does all these things – it’s probably because he loves the land. The man may not tell you this. As love is a very private and intimate business….but be in no doubt he loves her!

That’s how the land really is. In the beginning she comes across as one of those Russian countryside beauties complete with big bones and even a moustache – she’s not pretty. Not at all.

But as time goes on and one gets to know her better – she’s the type of gal that grows on you. Till at some point, she becomes the only woman who you really want to be with and all others just disappear.

That’s how it is with men – once they get over the fuckability rating, it just boils right down to settling down with someone that you want to sit down in the evenings and talk too.

And if you are perceptive. You will be able to seek this one indelible aspect out of all men who have turned the wheel of life from the land – they’re all passionately in love with her.

You will never find a farmer cursing the land. Never! That sort of ingrate doesn’t exist in the farming world. He will always make excuses for her even when all she seems to do is to throw pots and pans at him….the moon affects her. She can’t help it. Etc etc.

And you can even see the determination of his love in his eyes whenever he speaks of her.

That I feel is what’s really missing in city folk….they know nothing about what I am speaking of. That’s to say they don’t love her….if they did. They wouldn’t do so many things to hurt her.’

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