March 8, 2017

When a man meditates daily. First thing in the morning. He can only be anchored thru out the day to reality.

Come what may in the course of a working day….it will not shake him.

As the man who meditates is always centered and clear minded.


‘Meditation cannot possibly be an easy concept to sell to modern man. It cannot be. As firstly, it is a very unnatural thing to attempt to still a restless mind. Hence most people who try their darnest to incorporate this habit into their daily life are likely to fail.

The second hurdle has to do with their over inflated ego – since meditation is always considered to be a religious practice. Most people can’t seem to wrap their heads around the idea of sitting quietly to just breathe. Even that simple idea of stilling the mind usually comes encrusted with so much propaganda along with politics and power that eventually most people prefer not to dabble in it.

But if I say to you – sit down and allow your eyes to rest on this flower while you focus on just breathing in and out smoothly – what has that got to do with religion?

But if one is able to set aside all this worldly nonsense and simply say, it is simply a way to sharpen one’s mind. To tune it in the way one adjust the various tensions and slack in a musical instrument to produce a harmonious tune – then I imagine most people would have absolutely no trouble whatsoever to give it a go.

Only be very kind and gentle with yourself when you meditate for the very time in your life….it’s after all your first attempt. Don’t expect it anything for the first week. Better still if you can come to terms with the idea it may even be a giant waste of time and effort.

But should you decide to set aside fifteen or twenty minutes each day to meditate – at some point your perception of reality will begin to shift.

You will find that you will get less irritated by the small stuff in life. Suddenly you will see the bigger picture. You will also be less judgemental of others and situations as well as since you see the world without the slightest trace of illusions – you are always closer to the truth.

Businessmen who meditate daily are in my considered opinion the most dangerous category of men. For one it’s impossible to wind them up – as since they are always emotionally rock steady, it’s impossible to unsettle them.

These men can see it coming even before you can conceive the idea – in the way of the sword, Kendo. We refer to such category of men as the shadow warrior. They are formidable and it’s virtually impossible to unhinge them. Neither is it possible to game them – as since their mind is functioning at a superior plane of consciousness……nothing can stop them from delivering the spirit blow.

In the art of war it is virtually axiomatic – only a shadow warrior can bring to heel another shadow warrior. To try to do so with force of numbers alone would only end in a massacre.

But never be in any doubt where this extraordinary power derives from. As what confers Superman powers to the shadow warrior is not the mere firepower of muscles and sinews and cheap strategy. Rather it is the accretion of a superior mind that is calm and composed take on an even defeat a numerically superior foe.

Study and research this well. As it applies to all things in life.’

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