The desperately need for a code of ethics to govern the rich

March 11, 2017

The rich do not seem to realise how by just the mere act of breathing, shitting and going about their daily business. They are inflicting countless cuts on those who may not be as fortunate as them.

This I imagine has to be the cruelest aspect of the digital age – as never before in the history of mankind has the have not’s been so conscious of how the other half live, work and play while they continue to languish in the land of unfulfilled dreams.

To me that has to be cruelest cut of the digital age – as in one click of the button one able to peer into the lives of others with remarkable ease.

As for the rich – it is very easy to take comfort in the belief. I work hard. I take risk. And so I have everyright to spend my hard earned money the way I see fit.

That may well be true. But even a very wealthy man would do well to spare a thought about those who are less fortunate than him. Before passing judgement on the poor perhaps the rich man would do well to first consider maybe those who are poor did not enjoy either the good fortune or opportunities that once came knocking on the door of the man who eventually came to wealth.

Regrettably this is one aspect of wealth that is seldom ever discussed.

It seems modern man is a hypocrite of sorts Рhe frowns on diners with bad table manners. He even ostracises those who can seem to exercise moderation in the way they express their views on their various objects of interest. But when it comes to outward displays of wealth Рhe seems to be quite blas̩ about it.

There is something terribly wrong with this picture.


‘The act of seeking attention is not so different from feeding a baby Monster. At first this creature is benign and perhaps even very cute. But as it grows bigger on the praises and adulation of others. At some point it will begin to consume even the reality, sanity, intellect, finances and relationships of the attention seeker.

By this point it is virtually impossible to rehabilitate the self-image, self-worth and self-confidence of the attention seeker as he or she will no longer exist….only the fully grown ugly monster remains.

For a man or woman who has complete intellectual mastery over himself – what others may think about him is of little consequence. After all, try to see it from his or her point of view – he or she has already arrived….so what is there to prove?

Do you really think such a person cares about what you may think about him or her?

OK let’s say you form the opinion so and so is a jolly good fellow – so what? Does your opinion really have the capacity to alter reality? Do you imagine for one moment that could possibly add or for that matter subtract anything from that person?

Use your mentality.

There are only two stories to every person – the image that he or she projects to the world and the reality that is his or her world.

For those who are truly confident and comfortable in their own skin. They can even amble around in slippers, a torn shirt or drive around in rusty heap and still be themselves. As they choose to live in reality rather than the projection of lies that others much prefer to call their life.

It is this defining difference that separates those who are truly comfortable with money from those who are still trying to find themselves in money. As for the former money is simply a means to an end and very little else – it cannot be his or her life. But for those who are still struggling to find comfort and ease with the idea of money – it has to be everything and much more. Only because without it, they are truly nothing.

Be frugal. Live simply and keep a low profile.’

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