Simplifying life

March 12, 2017

My neighbor wants a buy a new four by four. All day he seems to be just browsing thru brochures of new cars. From time to time he would pop over and ask, is this better than that? What do you think?

I told him only. Do whatever makes you happy.

Later on in the day. He popped over and asked again. Why don’t you buy a new car?

I told him. But it is new. I service it regularly and if you look under the bonnet – it’s maintained like a military jet plane. Every component that needs replacing is regularly changed. But yes, it definitely needs a new coat of paint and there are so many dents it seems to come across as beaten up….but what do I care. It gets the job done.

So why do I want the hassle of buying a new car? After all the nature of our work is rough, dirty and most of time it’s just the man and his land….what is there to show off about? Do you think the monkeys or the hogs really care you’re driving a new car.

Use your mentality. What are you trying to prove?


‘In life it is not how much you have. Rather it will always be the case of how little your wants really are along with how diligently you care for the things that you already own.

Having said all that it must be very difficult for the average Singaporean to buy into this philosophy. As the moment one steps out into the world, one is almost constantly carpet bombed by countless sights and sounds all of which seem to scream out, ‘Buy me and you can be me!’

To sharpen ever more the sense of yearning and desire to consume more than is necessary – it doesn’t help when those around us seem to do very little else except spend money on stuff to impress people who hardly ever care about what they wear or own.

This I imagine is the paradox of modern society – it is unnatural to want less. It is even peculiar and odd for one to get by with less. And it is certainly sacrilegious to be a person who is simply content to live simple life.

When we ask ourselves how modern man has painted himself into one miserable corner.

It is simply because society has managed to successfully brainwashed him that to own the newest, latest and the best is the clearest expression of what it means to live to a purpose driven life. A corollary of that corrosive logic presupposes anyone who does the direct opposite is simply a loser or someone whose not even participating in the great game of life.

It is only when we are able to deconstruct this lie somewhere in our scripted minds that we are able to see the world as it is and not what others say it is.

Once a man becomes with one of the truth. All forms of illusions disappear along with desires and in its place there is simply understanding for a thing.’

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