Don’t be $ minded if you want to sell successfully

March 17, 2017

Some time back ago. I was having a drink with a friend who kept lamenting no matter how hard he tries to keep his customer base, they never seem to be able stay with him for the long haul.

When my friend turned to me and asked, can you see anything wrong that I am doing?

I simply answered – you try too darn hard to make money.


‘You don’t need to be a Mensa member to figure out – if the customer can only see you as a walking and talking cash register. Then there’s really so far you can go and no more.

End of story.

I’ve be frank – that’s the most common mistake in sales.

I much prefer my customers to see me as someone whose enthusiastic about adding value to their business. I am not saying money is not important. Sure it is. But what is the rush?

In many cases especially when it comes to new customers. I even volunteer the total solution for absolutely free and when they ask sheepishly – how much will it cost me? Most of the time, I just quipped – Let’s nail the problem first….after all I am new to you. How do you know that I am trustworthy. I will pop over tomorrow and we will take a closer look at your estate together.

Always avoid talking about money. Even if the customer wants too. Don’t ever go there! Or the magic spell would be broken. Keep pushing that subject aside and if possible keep on reassuring the customer, that’s a non issue – doing just that demonstrates that you’re not a walking and talking cash register. You’re a very serious man who understands priorities. Above all it demonstrates to the customer you’re a believer that trust needs to earned.

This is especially true in the plantation business as whatever solutions takes years to show results.

When I first started offering consultancy services to estates. Many of my competitors happen to think I have a hole in the head – in the grapevine of the planters world I am even renowned as the great fool who works for free! Some even label me disparagingly as a man who doesn’t respect his time enough – that’s why that austistic idiot works for free!

But that doesn’t bother me. They don’t know the recipe for my secret sauce – as what many of my competitors don’t realise is in nine out ten cases – I do get a return call. I seldom ever have go through the hassle of getting switched out by dissatisfied customers. Infact most of them stay with me for the long haul and most of the time they come back for more and much more. I don’t ever have to do stupid things like shout at the top of my voice to promote what’s between my two years.

Sure in the course of my business dealings I do certainly come across my fair share of free loaders and crooks who try to make use of me for free. Usually if I find they don’t seem to reciprocate my sincere efforts – then once they reach a certain cut off point – I will just refuse to pick up their calls.

End of story.

Fortunately these category on people only make up a very small minority.

As for most well adjusted and socially functional people. Usually they’re too embarrassed to take anything for free. They may be prepared to do it once or maybe twice, but no self respecting planter worth his salt will ever do it all the time – it seems to rub up against their conscience or maybe it just smacks of being unfair or something and most of the time. They do genuinely make an effort to reciprocate my sincere efforts in kind.

That’s really when it all comes full circle.

Understand this! When you have proven yourself against the very best in your industry. Usually no one is going to be dumb enough to mess with you by disrespecting or short changing you. Because you can pulverize them and reduce their sum total to zero. Knowledge is power. Capacity to prosecute on knowledge to deliver is ten times more powerful!

Planters world is very brutal. Low yield = fucked up, all talk only. No action. High sustainable yield = good to go!

End of story.

This is economics 101 – as in this world they are never going to be enough of professionals who really know their stuff and who can nail the problem squarely to ever spread around.

Doesn’t matter what profession you’re in – it’s basic economics of laws of demand and supply of intellectual capital and skills.

So don’t be afraid to work for free.

Try it out yourself if you don’t believe me! Next time you come across a customer whose facing a problem – do it for absolutely free and perform to the nines and tens. Don’t expect anything back and just watch what happens thereafter.

I can almost guarantee you it’s the best investment you will ever make.’

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