Precious Oudh

March 18, 2017

Pound for pound it’s more expensive than gold. Highly prized, very rare and sought after by all from Morocco to Gulf states.

Oudh oil flows out from the Agarwood tree only twice a year for very brief periods. Frequently lasting no more than two weeks at a time usually at just before the approach of the moonson. Most Oudh trees no longer exist. They are only to be found very deep in the jungle. The trek it’self is highly hazardous and can take any where between a week to two.

Usually I go with tribesmen. We trek mainly at night and navigate by the stars like their ancestors before them, always keeping track of the moon as it arcs across the inky skies to keep time. In the day we hunt and sleep mostly. As jungle trekking is strenuous and fraught with all sorts of dangers – but this year for some reason my friends from the blue mountains seem to be late. Usually when they appear about this time of the year. They hide for days in my lands observing me carefully.

The tribesmen all have the power of invisibility – they can walk unseen and silently in the wild. Even my Doberman’s cannot sense their presence as they all heavily musked.

Maybe they are already here…but there are always signs of their presence.

To the tribesman the human form can never be trusted. As in their dream world – all humans are simply malevolent spirits.

They all wait patiently for my spirit form…the real me to emerge from the trickery of the skin of the human – to the tribesman, I am Ah-Mak. The giant albino white lizard.

When I sense they are watching I would strip naked and get on all fours and impersonate the swaggering walk of a monitor lizard frequently sticking out my tongue to taste the air.

When my jungle friends see this ritual dance….they know it is really me and not an evil spirit – they would all chant Ah-Mak…Ah-Mak…Ah-Mak rhymically like the beat of a drum – as they emerge one by one to transform into their real dream realm forms. We would all dance together. Some will be eagles, others will be hogs and there is even a frog who hops around and croaks from time to time. A brave would paint spirit paint on the naked body of Ah-Mak to protect him from malevolent spirits. Armed with only a flint knife and a pelt to cover my manhood we head into the depths of the emerald jungle like the wind in search of the ambrosia of the Gods.

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