Foreigners should always respect natives

March 21, 2017

During my last visit to the city. I picked up a friend early in the morning from his house. He’s a brilliant chartered accountant who is responsible for number crunching the financials of my proposal to a prospective customer in the plantation industry.

My friend was attired in a casual shirt with a shiny lizard skin imprinted tie. He was wearing really tight jeans like trousers capped off by a blinding pair of electric blue shoes.

After reviewing all this. I asked in a very stern and no nonsense business like tone – why are you sabotaging me? Do you happen to bear a grudge against me? I promise. I never did anything untoward to your mummy or Sister. Do you know what our goal is? Do you even know what we are trying to accomplish before noon today? Do you even appreciate the seriousness of the people who we are going to meet up with?

He answered. Yes….we going to see planters to sell them the idea of bumping up the yield.

Then I asked – why then, do you dress in a way that disrespects the credo of the planter and the institutions he venerates and belongs too? What makes you so special that you see yourself as having the right to do all these disrespectful things to ten generations of history, tradition and heritage?

He did not understand. That at least was my conclusion.

Shortly thereafter. I told him sternly to get out of my car. I took his file and went into the meeting room without him.


‘If you happen to be a Malaysian turning the wheel of life in Singapore. Then you are automatically part of a great diaspora and history that has and is still going on for the last 100 years and beyond…it’s a very long and illustrious history of collaboration based on mutual trust and respect.

This you would do well to keep in mind every morning when you awake even before both your feet touch the floor.

So if you happen to be a high flying economics professor in NTU or even a lowly prison guard NEVER disrespect the natives of your surrogate country.

Never! Because without the good graces of the natives – you would NEVER be able to put food on the table for your family!

This compact you must respect to honor those who came before and will come after you. Remember this is very brotherhood…remember you didn’t just walk over the hill naked. You’re part of history, tradition and heritage.

For the better part of one hundred years Malaysians have worked alongside natives in Singapore and lived in peace, harmony and felicity.

It is a very beautiful relationship like satay and peanut sauce….don’t spoil it!

So remember NEVER be callous and free spirited with your thoughts, actions and words when dealing with natives – if you cannot tahan…then set aside your reckless and indifferent ways for 24 hours. Go for a walk in East Coast park. Distract yourself by playing Pokemon Go.

Then revisit the matter when you’re cooler.

Otherwise your rashness and indifference will end up rubbing the natives the wrong way and it’s only natural for them to get hot under the collar – like the nutty professor in NTU who started talking so much rubbish such as forwarding the crack brained idea – it is better to raise the price of water by 100% – when the nutty professor was challenged with facts, logic and figures in the internet…at first he put up a weak defense and when the otherside responded robustly with force of will and it looked as if his entire logic would crumble to dust like a house of cards. The kacang puteh professor promptly put his tail between his legs and scooted back into his air con cave never to be seen or heard of again…till of course next time when he presumably jumps right out of his mad cap box again…..don’t you think that’s very immature and foolish coming from a ‘leader?’ – but what did he really accomplish for all his efforts? Did he enhance the prestige of NTU? Did he lend further credence to the PAP’s policy of increasing the price of tap water? Might he even have swayed public opinion on to accept these price hikes?

I will leave that to the perceptive reader to answer. Meanwhile do check out this site to familiarise yourself with the debate concerning price hikes for tap water in Singapore.

Only if I was the PAP public relations officer I would probably send that nut case a fruit cake with a polite card, ‘Thank you for your insightful comments. Moving forward. We will appreciate it if in future you send your comments in first for our perusal before releasing it for public consumption…do enjoy the menglembu ground nuts.’

As despite his best efforts. All he really did was demonstrate how insensitive he is to the plight of so many natives, who may not be as fortunate as him. To put it another way he brought out the very worse in natives and worst of all imprinted a negative image in their minds about all Malaysians.

Do you see how ONLY one rotten apples can spoil all the other apples in the cart?

It’s the same with some of the trailer trash variety white man working in Singapore. He goes around screwing all the loose native girls. He makes it a public fish bowl affair and does his thing full frontal in Boat Quay. All it does is rub the natives the wrong way. Result: they don’t like him. They want him to go home!

Same goes for those high flying Indians from India. They come to Singapore and they talk down to natives in the banking industry. Frequently they promote their own kind citing all sorts of dubious reasons ranging from lack of talent to invoking business necessity. All at the expense of the natives. Again no one likes them. All they want is for him to go home.

But by and large Malaysians have always been welcomed by Singaporeans. As they are sensitive, considerate and above all respectful of the customs of natives and their ways. That is why there are so many happy relationships and marriages between Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Perhaps one way to instill communal and group discipline is to revive the planters no nonsense social convention of ‘not letting the side down.’ In the planters world this discipline is rigorously enforced – whenever a scandal erupts and threatens to bring disrepute to the industry such as the tainted Brazilian beef scandals.

The dearly unfortunate or unfortunates who are responsible for the fuck up would usually be promptly promoted and sent a fruit hamper with the cryptic words,

‘Hoping to see you in happier times. Don’t worry your family will be well taken care of. Rest assured. P.S We expect you to do the right thing. Bye bye’

When the dearly unfortunate planter receives such a message usually he would be given 14 days to set his personal affairs in order – settling outstanding debts, dinner with the family and friends, deleting porn sites from his hard drive, burning incriminating photos…. that sort of thing. Then after the expiry of the grace period one night when all that resounds is the sweet repose of sleep in the house….a single shot from the revolver rings out. At that very moment order, structure and harmony is happily restored again.

Life proceeds happily as if nothing ever happened.

Of course when I put forward such ideas everyone says, ‘look he’s back to his evil ways again…like Hitler and Stalin and Idi Amin et al.

But what to do?

Either that or remain grateful. Keep a very Low profile. Don’t be too opinionated. Above all. Always give respect to people and institutions….if you cannot even do that. Keep quiet and stay at home and watch descendants of the sun over and over again..either way that is better than making natives hot under the collar.’

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