A very dangerous game of cat and mouse

March 22, 2017

It is going to be an exceptionally hard and bitter year for plantations. I fear the lean years may drag on possibly to the next and beyond. Hard not only because the weather is conspiring against the planter. It is virtually impossible to predict the weather these days. Yesterday we had three different weather fronts. All of which could well have been a season in its own right.

Even my friends the birds and plants are very confused.

There is also the social economic dimension of a slowing Chinese economy that will certainly reduce consumption of agri produce. Couple to that, the Americans may switch from oil palm to soya to keep the ultra right US farming lobbyist happy. To further darken the already bleak picture. The ringgit seems to be wavering – it seems to lack the necessary steadiness required for accurate and precise financial planning and I fear it may drop further in the near future. Of course the politicians will continue to insist they will shore up the ringgit – but in my assessment, it would be futile.

Back home things are equally bleak as well. Global trade is beginning to thin out at an alarming rate. This can only have an adverse effect on manufacturing output, shipping volumes and oil revenues. All these factors are likely to have a domino effect on jobs as businesses continue to chase profits in an ever diminishing market of scarcity.

The world I fear may well be heading into a very long global recession the likes of which mankind has never witnessed before.


‘Cultivate the art of living simply. Keep your wants small. Strive daily for them to be smaller still. Moderate your desires. Where possible have none. Never spend money trying to impress people who you hardly know or care for. Above all learn to be comfortable with the idea of being your own man and woman.

Just be yourself and above all strive to be comfortable with that idea. Set aside the politics and power of the world. If so and so rubs you the wrong way – let it go….if so and so is doing better…be happy for him. Don’t get entangled with other people’s life and their mental baggages. Just strive to lead a simple and uncluttered life where’s it’s possible to see everything in life standing out clearly like a row of white picket fence.

Why is this atttiude so important? Because in life it’s never ever a case of HOW much you earn as it will always be the very practical business of how small and frugal your needs actually are.

A good rule of thumb is the wealthier a man gets…the simpler his life should be. The less his wants. Ideally he should occupy his life with less rather than more – getting by with less is the highest acme of confidence, spiritual maturity and intelligence in a man. It is a very attractive form.

Keep it simple. Keep it that way even when all others seem to go the other way.’

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