London Terror attacks

March 24, 2017

A Mother who walked on the bridge to pick up her kids after school was ploughed down. So was an American who was celebrating his 25th anniversary with his wife taking in the sights and sounds of London. A policeman was stabbed to death and the human carnage of those who were maimed and injured in this senseless attack is just very sad.

Sad because Islam really does not need this. Sad because many stupid people out there will I imagine draw the wrong conclusion Islam is a violent and malevolent force that needs to be tranquilized like a feral and wild animal.

Sad as I happen to know for an indelible fact based on my far and wide interactions with so many Muslims thru out the world. Most are just very even keeled folk who aspire to roughly the same wants as you and me. Sad as very few have actually chilled out with Muslims on a Sunday afternoon nursing embers of perfume wood and just having a great time…do I need to hold back. Never. As we are all cool and the atmosphere is just exactly the way one wishes it to be.

Sad as I happen to speak Arabic fluently along with at least three French creole dialects that allows me to mix seamlessly with those deep in the folds of the Arabic world who I can only testify first hand to be people who love and venerate peace above all else….who are elementally not so different from us.

Sad as I can take you gently by the hand and show you the majesty and beauty of the Islamic world that will simply blow your brains to a million pieces…things that even Muslims in Singapore don’t know about in the hidden niches of that floating world.

Above all sad for all the shy, reserved and quiet Muslims who have to live under the spell of misconception that theirs is a violent and senseless way of life that deserves only the force of arms.

It’s so sad…..that one can even cry.


‘If you are in Cairo or Marakezh for just one day….and should fate and destiny intersect and should I walk right into your life and say, come with me…your life would change.

It would certainly change completely.

As I would take you to places that you have never imagined existed before…places where the doors of paradise would open and revelations of dreams can be lived. Places that are far yet distanced by only the power of the imagination to be anyone you want to be. A devirish dancing lost in time or in the smokey caverns of darkened interiors where ancient woods are burnt where a solitary tongue of smoke arises like a dancing serpent and when it hits you…you exclaim, wow!…only to sink ever deeper and deeper into layers of sensory delights of a many thousands pleasures. Places, sights, sounds and smells that can only remind you of the beauty of what it is to live…to be alive…all these can be found and much more only in the world of the Moslem.

But when this image is clouded over with terror and violence …..then no one would see the beauty and majesty of what I speak of.

How can they?

Why should they?

And somewhere there lies the greatest tragedy of our age.’

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