I hope Amos Yee is happy now and can move on with his life

March 26, 2017

I will spare you all the specifics. The long and short is as follows. The Singapore MHA got it’s teeth royally kicked in by the US judicial process who granted Amos asylum. The 13 page judgement can only be politely described as damming…highly embarrassing….impossible to live down. Now the MHA have all their chops scattered on the floor like tic tacs…..Just watching all this is very painful.

At one level of understanding. It could be said the PAP had it coming – their unsavoury history of unmitigated heavy handedness in dealing with dissenting voices with the blogging community has earned them very few friends in blogoland. So many bloggers in Singapore have been bankrupted, harried with defamation suits, thrown in jail or just chased right out…it’s very difficult to seek oneness with those in power who seem so callous, intolerant and thin skinned.

However it’s worthwhile stressing, master Amos was certainly not an easy case to handle – he certainly did push the boundaries of what’s acceptable to the very hilt and some may even say, he went way too far and deserved what he eventually got….plenty of jail time.

That part I will leave entirely to the perceptive reader to asses and form their own judgement.

As for the me I happen to believe this case could be handled with greater wisdom and infinitely more sensitivity by officialdom.

For one they could have ignored him and just let Amos languish in obscurity for perpetuity in the vast infinity of blogoland. But instead they decided to plumb for a dogmatic by the book approach that ultimately made them look inept, stupid and ill prepared with an old hat ‘nail that sticks out will be hammered down’ mindset to prosper in the digital age.

There’s certainly plenty of opportunities for deep reflection on whether just robotically resorting to the hammer all the time to deal with those who may harbor different beliefs and opinions…even if they are caustic is a sustainable approach.

That I fully appreciate may well be touted as the ‘we know what we are doing…you are wrong…we are always right’ Singapore way. But even the custodians of power would do well not to brush this incident off casually. As since no man or country can hardly be an island to itself these days and has to abide or pretend to do so by adhering to collecitve social and ethical norms if they want to be well received by the international community….it’s definitely a topic that warrants further introspection to improve how race, religious and sectarian conflict can be best managed in the future in blogoland.

But again it bears repeating only because it was cogent, real and very central to everything done and said – master Amos antics was indeed a very difficult case and to be honest this is perhaps the best outcome for all concerned.

Had he stayed on. Amos would just end going in and out of jail like McDonald’s drive in…..I don’t see any happy outcome there – this way hopefully, he would hopefully be able to find his line in life and lead a wiser existence and grow old without dying a premature death in what seemingly appears to be greener pastures.

Despite Amos potty mouth. I am reminded statutorily he is still technically a minor. And since I do subscribe to the belief minors should be treated with a guiding hand rather than with force of arms like adults. Again there was certainly room for improvements.

I do wish him and his family the best of luck….I hope this is the end and we can all pack our bags and go home….or maybe it’s just the beginning.

Who really knows…..it’s after all Amos Yee.


‘There are many things going for Amos. For one he’s very young. And with young people who are green around the gills, it’s almost impossible for one to be hard and not give them a second chance.

For some curious reason Amos also speaks with a pleasant sounding Bostonian accent, that will certainly go down well in the US. As for his world view currently, it can as best be described as delusional, unhinged and just downright divisive. There’s nothing there that really marks him out as a child prodigy or genius contrary to what some people believe – unless you’re able to convince me courting infanticide or ball eye is some remarkable life skill that requires extraordinary métier.

Now that Amos is in the US for presumably the long haul.

He will eventually (it will take some time to sink in) realise that it’s very far from the homily and sugary place that he imagined it to be when he was hacking away happily in Singapore. As the US is hardly like anything resembling the make belief world of Hollywood – it’s a very real place with very stark realities that in all probability is likely to generate very real consequences depending on how one chooses to live, work and play.

In the final analysis. Amos Yee nor any wild man can possibly run away from the reality of earning his keep. Not if he wants to live a purpose driven life that is – in short he needs to dedicate himself to the mundane business of dedicating himself to the study of a craft or skill that will enable people to vote for him with their wallets.

I see this as the only way for long term sustainable personal emancipation and true liberty.

That’s problematic as while he’s certainly a novelty in Singapore that attracts a lot of eyeballs. The same social and cultural conditions do not nearly exist in the US. As even par excellence open minded attention seekers such as (so open minded it seems his brains are spilling out) Alvin Tan rudely eventually discovered – he’s just another ordinary Joe in the US…just another run of the mill grunt that probably attracts as much attention as a fire hydrant on a very wet day. Nothing really stands out about him in his new found land – as that’s essentially the economy of demand and supply of weirdness and novelty in the US. If you think you’re far out in Singapore. Once you go to the US and marinate long enough – you will very soon be hit by an awful moment of epiphany where one may even exclaim – OMG! There are actually so many people like me over here! My individuality is being threatened!

I am just like everyone else!

I guess that compelling sense of awareness that one isn’t so different after all from the rest of all humanity must have dawned once dawned on even the likes of Alvin who once reckoned he was so far out romping on the deep end…….it must be awfully difficult to get over the ego rush to suddenly realise one is just downright ordinary and possibly even boring to be unforgettable in such a colourful and culturally diverse country like the US.

When that awful realisation eventually sinks in. Then the nuts and bolts of how to get by as best one can can only kick in and sharpen considerably – after all what is one supposed to do after banging at the drums and no one even bothers to look your way?

I reckon that’s when really mundane stuff acquires a heightened terror. Daily mundane stuff – like how to pay the landlord on time, hold down a nine to five job, stock up on groceries on a weekend, keeping warm during winter. Car maintenance. And just having enough to live without feeling hungry and depressed.

Let’s not even begin to discuss complex life strategies like putting a down payment on a Honda jet before one hits 35. That’s an advance life game plan that requires aptitude, strategy and cool headedness that these characters don’t nearly have in my very humble opinion….not yet at least.

I am merely talking about the basic a,b and c’s here in strictly lower case. You can’t fool me as I’ve worked my way thru university in first world countries – I know how the system is hardwired from within besides just taking faith in appearances and what everyone whose never ever gone down that road claims it is. There’s going to be discrimination and plenty of it for an Asian. Competition is tough, even if you happen to believe you’re born with the ability to shock and awe.

So at the end of the day. No matter how one chooses to run away from that timeless and universal equation of life that all of mankind is tied too in one shape or form – there’s no running away from gainfully earning one’s keep.

And in that respect the US is hardly the land of the free as it is most certainly the land of the fee – that’s the first lesson of reality: as to be poor in the US is simply to be without rights in any shape or form. It’s very far removed from the egalitarian society as it’s so often depicted in TV. It’s a very harsh place where the divisions between the have’s and have not’s have always been and will continue to be as it’s starkest and most revealing. A cruel and unforgiving place even.

That’s why I tell brotherhood people who go over there. Cultivate a dead serious attitude. Study the terrain in this new land carefully. Know it like the lines on the palm of your hands like a hunter knows his trails and kill zones. As that will enable you to clarify your goals precisely and work purposefully towards a realistic way point.

Don’t waste your time goofing around. All these are just time sucking distractions that will hold you back. As that just buys you cancer of the wallet, lost opportunities and shattered dreams. If you want to let off steam – there’s online porn and DYing has been proven to improve your imagination and creativity. Avoid mixing around imaginary friends, losers and people who just talk all day and do nothing. They’re form of fungus. Just avoid them. Hello, good bye.

Above all dream only in the day time when your eyes are fully wide open.

As that in my opinion is the most dangerous category of men on this planet – men who dream in the ark light of the full blast of the day light are like vampires in reverse. Only these category of men can put their dreams into action. Those men who only dream with their eyes closed when they’re snoozing…just dream.

But men who dream with their eyes wide open can work towards landing that luxury penthouse in Manhattan overlooking Central Park. They can get that 70 acre weekend retreat ranch in Montana complete with helipad and stone finished jacuzzi with twelve nozzles. Above all they get to custom color scheme their very own Honda jet that incidentally comes with Garmin touch screen instrumentation (just in case you all think this is a gimmick, it’s all mil spec, I checked up) I will further add steering is by wire control complete with ILS and auto detect glide slope landing, just like a B-737 commercial jetliner. Don’t believe me go to AINtv to check it all out…please go.

I strongly encourage you all write in to Honda jet in North Carolina to request for further information on their excellent range of products and if possible hypnotize yourself every morning and night for at least twenty minutes as you peruse thru their brochure.

Every brochure comes with an open invitation to try out their simulator in North Carolina. Many of us have gone there….so many doesn’t matter whether you’re just a cookie cutter in Silicon Valley or mining phosphates in S.America.

As I have so structured it to be part of your must die die visit in the lost art of manliness.

Many have been blown away!

Just go thru the entire sequence of the dreamscape. I will walk you thru. Feel the premium aniline leather on your skin as you strap yourself in. The reassuring hum of the engines spooling steadily as you initiate start up sequence (fastest start up. No need for core temp to stabilise or feather the choke and air mix with a WW2 era lever like a Cessna or Beachcraft…taxi to take off by electronic steer by wire. No need to throttle the manifold intake and chug down like tractor like a lumbering propeller Cessna. After ground clearance. You don’t have to even manually set the trim or flaps – it’s all done by the proprietary Honda flight management…it’s automatic….all fail safe. V1, you’re barreling down full ahead. Rotate. Feel the leather pressing against your flesh as the G’s ratchet up – your airspeed is just right, you Stretch her legs by ripping the throttles to gain altitude. Notice no vibration. Not even so much as a whimper. As the engines are located not on the fuselage but on the aft wings….only the Honda jet has this unique feature – soon you’re soaring. It’s smooth as silk. The ground beneath you disappears and the ambient for the glass cockpit display even adjust automatically against glare. No need to do stupid things like crouch really low or do yoga at 15,000 ft just to read the dials.

Everything is just exactly like the big four engine jets. Or rather it feels that way.

My point is this. Once you get all these things – then you can fuck around as much as you want. You can even paint the town red. No one would bat an eyelid.

But I can assure all of you by that time – you wouldn’t want to do anything of those things. It’s all behind you. That was another life lived. Now you’re soaring in your brand new Honda jet. That incidentally is optimised for only single pilot under FAA PPL rating.

I mean if you have a girl sitting in the cabin. You could like flip the auto pilot. And go back and play with the box, Xbox that is, as Honda designed the cabin just like one of those Super deluxe limos. Or maybe check on your inbox and other boxes with their WIFI internet sat connectivity (that comes optional with the DD204 package). Check out AINtv…it’s all there…even comes with a tastefully designed lavatory. Not like those Cessna’s where you have to learn to piss and shit into a plastic bag. Everything is just exactly like a big commercial jet.

You see I want you all to have this beautiful images to reinforce your goals and to true them always….all these things can be accomplished in America. Many people have done it. Why not you?

Homer Tan did it, so did Prof Chandra aka Moriatry….it’s all there for the taking. They’re invited me. I told them, I will go there…I will sit in your jet…we would fly it interstate….and I would take pictures and post it right here!

You see these epic losers all got it backwards. Always sort out the basics first in life. Always! I mean if you’ve got to worry about stuff like whether you rather skip the chips to get that ice cream dessert when you pop down to KFC…then the entire notion of freedom doesn’t make sense. I mean if you tires are botak (bald) and you have to eat canned corn beef for two straight weeks just to buy they threads. There’s something terribly wrong with the picture…Don’t ever talk to me about rights and freedom of this and that. It’s just going to be a very depressing conversation.

That’s why out tribe is at the very top of the food chain. While they make do with superglue and duct tape just to get by in life.

Life is indeed cruel……is it not?

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