The wisdom of being kind and gentle to yourself

March 27, 2017

Not very long ago I was driving with a perpetually complaining friend. When our journey began he complained about how this and that person was back stabbing by spreading negative rumours about his enterprise. Then his negativity turned to how the economy was getting from bad to worse and how it’s so difficult these days to just eek out a living…thru it all I kept quiet.

As to be really frank I just wanted to reach our destination safely without detouring to the morgue.

Then suddenly my complaining Friend turned to me and asked, what do you think?

I simply told him. You have to learn to be kind and gentle to yourself. You know it’s a dry day. Ideal conditions for a long drive and we don’t pass here often…look it’s beautiful country…wondrous even this time of the year.

Just empty your mind and take it all in. Be kind and gentle to yourself.

Thereafter my friend settled down. The tightly knotted furrow he wore at the beginning of the day began to loosen. He set the incline of his seat back and just sank back and in a while…..he was back to his old self. A calm and kindred soul who I used to know and love as my everymore companion thru thick and thin….a true Friend.


‘There’s a lot of negativity out there in the world. Hey don’t ask me where it all came from and even why – understand this. There simply is….and what you need to bear in mind is simply this. Whenever some one gossips behind your back or backstabs you with lies or half truths. All they’re doing is casting a magic spell on you.

Now you need to understand this as its jugular!

How that spell acquires the agency of power over your existence depends entirely on whether you choose to ignore it completely or pick it up and make it into a big deal – should you foolishly decide to commit yourself to the latter then at that very moment of inception you have transformed that evil spell into something that has the capacity to take control over your life!

Unbeknown to even you. You have entered an agreement to fulfill a prophecy!

That’s essentially how an evil spell works…it first requires buy in to activate it!

Yes! It’s all in the palm of your hands….you did it all man! Don’t look at me! I’ve got no art or part in this. Can’t you see I have both hands on my playstation. None whatsoever. You put one and one together to make it into two.

You did it!

The way I see it we all have bad habits that just needs constant pruning from our lives. Sometimes if we don’t prune diligently and let it all take it’s natural course it can grow so big and overwhelm us completely causing a lot of grief.

We are our own worst enemy. Often we cling to our own set of beliefs to fashion ever more inventive ways to explain why we aren’t as successful as the next guy because…we fucked up our PLSE…landed up in a Neighbourhood school Yada yada yada yada and so on and so forth. Hence we subconsciously reinforce our failure and beat the shit out of ourselves, to put it another way, we weave evil spells against ourselves every other day that “we’re not good enough” and “it’s our fault”. We can’t ever make the grade as there’s no level playing field etc etc etc.

It is only when we fully appreciate this vicious cycle of self flagellation are we able to see the wisdom of setting aside evil spells and instead weave positive spells with white magic to live a purpose driven life.

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