Disagree by all means…but never hate Amos Yee

March 29, 2017

Because once you open your heart and mind to hatred….it is as good as opening the doors to hell. And when you do just that, unbeknown to you. You have allowed Amos Yee to transform YOU into another hateful version of himself.

Wish him the best of luck in his new found home. Wish those around him well….if you cannot do this. Then you should just keep a dignified silence.

This is what a grounded, mature and superior person would do.


‘Did he escape NS? Of course he did! But please try to see it from my point of view – if you’re coming to age like my sons and have to serve in the uniform services. How would you feel if Amos Yee was beside you armed with a GPMG and a live belt feed in the jungle somewhere in Pulau Tekong? Or let’s say you make the Ranger grade and you’re just about to jump out from a transport and someone tells you Amos Yee packed your chute. Think very carefully.

Now I’ll be very frank with all of you – If let’s say one of my sons turned to me when I visit him in the new BT recruit base, papa Amos Yee is in my Brigade. Do you all want to know what I’ll do – I will smile supremely and say in a calm fatherly tone, that is very intresting please try to get along. After that I will quietly put a big ‘for sale’ sign outside the gate of my veggie patch, give all my dogs away, slowly take down my framed picture of a Honda jet look at it one final time, sigh and say, ‘never mind, in the next life we will be reunited.’ Trek to my bat cave in the jungle, enter the seven digit auto self destruct code and return back home to sign on.

Is that what all of you want to see happen?

Don’t ask me how I will get in lah – that is none of your business. You all know I have my way lah. All you need to know is I will get into that platoon – I will use the weirding ways.

Is that what you all want to see? You all know how hard I’ve worked to get where I am today. I haven’t had a holiday in six years! I work seven days a week. Haven’t even gone back home during that time….as I wanted to set a good example. Now Uncle is forced to go back and sign on for a bone crunching Ranger course…yes I may look young, but believe me I am truly vintage goods and I have do all that just because a few immature fucks in this forum are not happy Amos pulled off the great escape of the century.

You know I thought we all friends? Friends don’t ever sabo one another. They don’t!

Do you see how when one buys into hatred then you are likely to make lousy decisions and worst of all come across as a fool?

This is what happened to MHA – they got themselves into a cat fight with the immigration judge who probably thinks that Singapore is a province in China – and that is only to be expected. Neither is the judge familiar with the historicism and complexity of managing race, religion and sectarian conflict in Singapore either. So essentially you’re dealing with someone with very limited knowledge concerning a subject.

Hence the best thing would be to simply state, ‘we strongly disagree with the basis (ratio decidendi) of your decision making process. Moving forward. Let us agree to disagree. We wish Amos Yee felicity, prosperity and good health. Thank you. Bye Bye.’

You see this is how sane and savvy folk manage themselves and others when it comes to conflict….the problem gets smaller, it never gets bigger – instead those brainiacs got themselves into a sand box cat fight by going off the tangent and giving the judge a brief history of book burning in Singapore along with Grandfather stories and now everyone in the Western Hemisphere thinks the MHA is staffed by dyslexic children. Result – Singapore looks very bad.

Infact many of you who have steam coming out of your ears should be thankful that Amos has decided to jump ship – you should all be so happy for me and grateful that some of you who are wallowing in hate right should even consider organizing a Facebook page to collect winter clothing and donate it to Amos Yee’s surrogate Mother in America, Melissa Chen.

You should write to her and pat her on the back for a job well done along with complimenting her that she would make an excellent astronaut for NASA next manned mission to Mars. Some more better if she can take Amos with her go to Pluto and beyond the solar system lah.’

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