The power of meditating on peace and positive thoughts

March 29, 2017

When I was younger I used to believe to make the world a better place one has to always stand up and shout one’s message loud and clear like a bell for all to hear… I grow older and experience more of nature. I am no longer so sure that was the best way.

It is not easy for one to come to terms with the reality one may be misguided…I think humility and servanthood to the truth.

Through the years I have gathered many truisms from just being in the seclusion of nature. Thru this period of what I can only describe as deep introspection of myself and my sorroundings. I have observed nothing in nature shouts or is so eager to get across that it cannot be left to the next day, week or even approach of the next season…..but strangely the message some how always gets thru.

It is really quite effortless and frequently so subtle and deceptively slow that one does not even register the shift – moss gathering on a stone. An irridescent patina of darkness on a brick wall. Rust gathering on steel. Creepers proliferating the taking over the landscape.

Nature’s way of effecting change always starts deep within the nucleas of all living beings…..These days, I believe the best way to make the world a better place is to change from within and to allow that pure light to emerge from the inside out to the wider and broader world.


‘The only freedom that is worth clinging too jealously is the one that you know deep down in the marrow of your bones and not the variety that others talk about – consider this what sort of freedom might we be talking about if you don’t even have the freedom to arrange your thoughts cooly with a calm temperament and always find yourself getting hot and agitated whenever you are pushed to a corner. No that is not freedom. That is only the illusion of freedom. If anything it is simply a demonstration of the degree to which you are enslaved to your past hurts, prejudices and falsehoods.

Don’t do that….yes I know what you’re doing now even as you begin to chew my sentences with your eyes. You’re building walls. They’re like lego bricks. You’re trying to create a barrier between me and you…a bubble space so that you don’t feel pinched by what I have to share worth you.

Tell me how much freedom does a mind that is so easily pinched really have?

You don’t believe it pinches. OK sex….see it pinches right. You stiffened momentarily. Crossed your legs even. Blinked, yes you did….and we talk about freedom?

Don’t you believe that’s a paradox?

So you believe you are right and all others are wrong – so what does that make you…a free person? But how can you really be free when so much of what makes up your belief is simply an accretion of enslavement to your past hurts and resentments and prejudices?

See how it always comes back to you!

See how the answer is always within and not outside in the external world.

Coming to think of it how is it possible to even have an intelligent discussion concerning whether you are really free when so much of who you continue to be is really just made up of beliefs cobbled from someone else’s life, beliefs and experience?

So do you see now how true freedom can only begin in one’s mind.

It is not merely a cliche. It is indestructible idea – throw a man in jail, but if his mind is free. The bars disappear. Character demolish him lies and half truths, but he is still whole and complete. As he is very much part of the truth. Destroy and rubbish his works, but you can never destroy the freedom he enjoys from his beliefs…as he is truly free.’

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