All the time……bones only

March 31, 2017

I realise only too well what I am about to share in this blog entry will probably buy me a slew of charming mail from many who may regard what I have to say as presumptuous….but nonetheless, it has to be said. Only because it is so incredibly true to be the ONLY prime determinant of either success or failure in one’s averagely miserable life.


Why? Because their attitude stinks. Let me give you a real life example, there’s a trader who always ask me whether I can give him some business just to help him make ends meet. Usually I say something like, let me see what I can do and I’ll get to you. Nine out of ten, I never ever get back or for that matter even bother to pick up his calls.

That’s my nature…once someone gets into my bad books, it’s virtually impossible for them to avail themselves of my good graces…that’s just the way I am hard wired as a businessman.

Why? To me at least it’s very simple and matter of fact. As in the past on practically every occasion when time I have given this trader work. I get shortchanged or I end up regretting that I even engaged his services. The quality of his work is lousy. Whenever I highlight what needs to be redone, he even argues with me that he’s done his level best and there’s nothing humanly possible that he can do any longer to improve the situation. Result. Frequently I have to rework his shoddy labor myself. Double work. Down time incurred.

As time goes by no one wants to hire him. As whenever anyone is foolish enough to give him a chance, they always end up with only bones.


‘If you want to be well received in business. Dedicate yourself completely to the study of quality. Quality does not refer to only goods and services one offers. Neither does it mean just because you happen to be selling stuff or providing services from a fortune 500 firm that’s synonymous with quality. No! Life is not so simple.

As quality has very little to do with what outfit with may be working with and everything to do with exclusively one’s outlook towards life – the very moment one engages the customer, he must be in no doubt that he is dealing with a man of exceptional quality…

Quality to keeping time punctually, 9.00 does not mean. One arrives at site at 9.00 only to search frantically for parking. That transpired at circa 8.45. 9.00 is when you are there – so that he always comes across as someone who is considerate enough never to steal the customers time and opportunity…quality of speech, so that he is always accurate, concise and well prepared to leave the indelible impression of those who have the good fortune to work alongside this man that he is a CEO in his own right. Quality to communicating effectively to the point of exceptional clarity without always having to take defense in the adage, it was taken out of context or this and that was a miscommunicated. Quality of execution….where delivery reliablility is 100% assured and should one be late for any reason. Then the work is done for free with no charge. Above all quality in managing oneself and others so that whenever one’s name is mentioned the credentials always speaks of the highest quality of professionalism.’

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