The wisdom of being consistent

April 2, 2017

A few back ago. A sad woman from the village walked up the hill and asked whether I could perhaps reason with her husband. Apparently the man has taken off with a younger woman.

I told the sad woman. It is pointless for me to try to reason with her foolish husband. It is quite clear to he has fallen out of love as he feels the woman he has married is no longer young and beautiful any longer.

The woman was in great despair when she heard the finality of my reply. I told her, you should be happy that your husband is leaving….as if he stays on all that he would do is cause her endless grief.

Before she left the woman asked, what am I supposed to do….everyone in the village will look down on me…I no longer have any pride…I told her just dedicate all of yourself to live your life as if he matters very little….the woman pleaded with me and asked in a strained voice, ‘how can I carry on?’

That was when I drew the sad woman’s attention to a tree that was recently struck by lightning nearby. I told her, ‘look! Can you see that all her leafs are brown….that is because there is more of death in her than life as she has been fingered out by providence by go thru strife. Look at the other healthy trees around her, look how proud they stand beside this pathetic tree – but even if there is only 1% of life somewhere in that mass of nature’s wreckage – she will claw herself back.

This is natures way…she is very stubborn and tenacious and there is no stopping her!

Do you see her wasting her time wondering how sad and defeated she looks when she stands along side the other healthy trees. No! She is not bothered about tomorrow or whether she will even be able to regain back her previous form – she is just busy reclaiming what she has lost. Look at the green shoots – do you see them, she is still hopeful and fighting to come back…..and as certainly as this tree will one day heal herself and be as beautiful and proud as the rest.

You too will heal, recover and find resolution in your lost and love will come back in another form.

Recently, I received I marriage invitation. The woman who was once so sad is now planning to wed a man who turns the wheel of life as a tractor driver.


‘I am a bit slow. There you go….I am a bit thick even. Maybe at least two or three planks thick. That’s to say if it takes you only ten minutes to connect the dots. It would probably take me a whole day and a bit more and even then, I might even get it all wrong and have to start all over again.

I don’t have any hang up’s about admitting this aspect of my character to most people who come my way.

After all it’s the truth.

No one believes me of course….they just think this guy suffers from an incorrigible bent for self deprecating jokes.

But maybe I am not too bothered about putting myself down only because I happen to know first hand raw intelligence is overrated and perhaps not what it’s so often marketed to be.

As the moment one believes, one’s smarter than everyone else – that’s when they usually get complacent only to end up with pie on their face.

I never ever suffer from that syndrome – that’s why I put a lot of time and effort in preparing.

The ability to discipline oneself to be consistent all the time is the single most important determinant for success. In this respect, I don’t believe anyone can ever come close to me….as I am very very consistent.

Once I set my mind to move let’s say a mountain – it’s as good as done. Day in and day out, I will be shovelling, pushing the wheel barrow from morning till sun down and there’s really no stopping me. I don’t care whether it’s raining cats or dogs or even great balls of fire..providing I have enough canned sardines…I will just hack at it. I don’t even care if the whole world tells me that I am crazy….it just goes right on like one of those nightmarish soviet tanks that keeps coming no matter what you throw at it.

I can keep at things even when all others have thrown in the towel and raised their hands in despair and walked away….this I can do very very well. I can even consistently keep myself happy, positive and hopeful when all others seem to be only afflicted with the malaise of doom and gloom….providing I have an endless supply of canned sardines.

I guess when one has the extraordinary power to be that consistent in regards to the things that one is determined to see right to its logical end….intelligence hardly ever matters at all….it’s strictly optional as it’s probably overrated.

As to be consistent is a form of intelligence. Study and research this well. I know that many of you in the mining sector are experiencing great challenges….but keep at it…be consistent.’

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