Being Grounded

April 3, 2017

Today a heavy desk was put beneath the cool of the shade under a sprawling tree where I sat.

It’s pay day.

When the first group of harvesters came before me. They noticed their pay had been cut. When one of them asked what is the meaning of this. I reminded them that when the price of oil palm was high. They demanded extra pay. I told them then if you want that arrangement then should the price go down….you would all have to bear the brunt of having your salaries cut. They all agreed. Now I held out a piece of paper with all their signatures. They all bowed their heads.

Nothing further was said thereafter.

The second group received the same pay with no forfeitures. When one of them asked nervously, will you cut our salaries if the price falls further. I said ‘no’. In the event the price bottoms out to even zero. You have my word. I will bear the losses and I give you all my world, your salaries will not be cut.

Nothing further was said thereafter.

After that the big table was carried back to the house by four stout men.


‘The third-rate mind is perpetually fixated on money. To this lower life form money will always be the alpha and omega. As soon as the inferior mind comes to a bit of money – it will all go to his head faster than 40% proof alcohol and soon he would be swept away like a flotsam by the momentary exuberance of the moment only to squander it all on a life of dissipation. Only to end up where he once started from returning back to the land of zero….this will always be the mentality of the majority.

As the majority do not have full mastery of over the affairs of their minds. How can they when so much of their being is really just the sum total of everything cobbled together from TV to make belief universe that bears no resemblance whatsoever to reality.

The second-rate mind is slightly better than the third rate only because this variety of sub human is cunning and is able to use his principal gains to seek out more money. But since the second rate mind regards money as a form of power and it is used primarily to alleviate his terminal discontentment from feelings of inferiority to fulfilling his deep yearnings and inner desires – such a man has made the fatal mistake of regarding money as a God. A false deity. Soon as he falls into the ritual of worshipping this bloody thirsty God called money along with all their God like kins man such as greed, lust for power, yearning to be popular and accepted by all – such a man can only himself encrusted in the trappings of power ranging from living a life beyond his means to constantly living under the crushing pressure of having to appear more successful than he is even if he can hardly afford to keep up appearances. Give such a man more rope he will even fall victim to his over inflated ego and shortly thereafter he too like the third rate mind will end up in the gutter.

The first class mind is very clear what money is and what it is not along with how it relates to his existence on this planet. Since money has no dominion over this variety of man – you will rarely ever find him indulging in trivial pursuits such as leading the life of the rich and famous or for that matter keeping up with the Jones.

Since the first class mind is a superior man – what others may think about him will always be a matter of profound indifference to this man. The only thing that matters to such a mind is the conception of his reality. And since that reality is none other than a bi product of constant study. Usually experience informs me such a man is very accustomed to living a quiet existence where he is far removed from all the noise of the world. He lives a very simple life with very few wants and desires and can very easily be mistaken for a beggar. Such a soul is above money and as such money will always his be slave and never his king.

Beware of such men as since they appear deceptively simple on the surface. They can very easily be regarded as benign.

Look deeper and you will see that dark waters run very deep and very silent.’

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