How to deal with toxic people

April 3, 2017

The only way to manage yourself when dealing with toxic people is to run away. Avoiding them alone is not good enough….the absolute gold standard is to run as fast away from them as you can possibly humanly manage. So fast that should you run thru a wooden bill board, it will even have an outline of you in the act of running….you have to be that fast.

Poof! You’re gone!

If you don’t take my advice seriously and believe that you can handle toxic people. Then you are likely to end up very dead as even being proximate to them is just as good as breathing in nerve gas or being splashed with VX agent. That should not surprise you as all….as that is why toxic people are toxic as they will always be hazardous to your well being.


‘Every living being radiates energy. If you spend as much time as I do with animals. You will discover much to your surprise that this is how they regularly distinguish between friend and foe. Since animals are incredibly sensitive to energy fields – they can intuit very accurately and reliably whether they should stand their ground and fight or run to the hills or perhaps just let their guard down…

Ninety nine out of a hundred times…they’re spot on!

The same goes the direct opposite of modern city man…the tribesman. He too is a soul that is seamlessly aligned with the energy field of nature. The greatest force that has and will probably exist in this planet. And it is this power that gives the tribesman the power of invisibility in the wild. Without this power it is impossible to for them to survive the harsh conditions of the tropical jungle. By harnessing this power the can sense opportunity and danger and this allows to make good decisions.

Souls that are aligned with the meridians of nature’s wavelength all can perceive beyond just the limits of the five known senses.

This is the reason why long before an earthquake or tsunami hits – animals will go beserk only to be flee frantically before the shit hits the fan.

They know….how they know is not important…what’s important for this sharing is they know.

While the vast of majority of humans are literally clueless of the impending disaster that is just about to descend on them.

When we make a genuine effort to still our modern cluttered minds and begin to sensitize ourselves to the various wavelengths of nature – we will slowly begin to perceive the world with the all seeing eye that nature has provisioned for us.

Every man and woman is born with this Super power….in this world there are just two varieties of people. Those who rubbish it and say this is all mumbo jumbo and those who know of it and regularly harness it to get ahead and don’t want the rest to know about its existence.

That’s how it is when it comes to good things – no one will ever tell you…as they want to keep it all to themselves.

When we become conscious of our own energy fields along with how it may affect others around us. We can even sense the energy of others. It doesn’t matter how well they camoflage their motives….with this power, it’s like X-ray. You can sense their intentions in the completeness of three dimension and be forewarned about dangers along with opportunities. When this power is highly developed. We even have the power to neutralise negative energy by activating our own force field to protect us from harm. Or to give others around us who we care and love dearly white energy to help to ward off negative energy that will affect their mental, spiritual and physical well being.

This is very hard to explain without coming across as a Super duper idiot. So I will have to stop here….I will write more about this subject. But since it has the capacity to scare many….I shall only limit each sharing to very small and digestible bites.

Next time when you come across a person, hear the sound of his or her voice or simply interact socially with them – make an effort to engage them with your all seeing senses that nature has provisioned for you….trust me…’s all there. All you need to do is learn to figure out how to flip the switch to power it to life.

As you begin to perceive more the world thru this life lens you will find that you will get better at it. The results will not only be accurate and true, but in many cases you will have absolutely no idea how it even works – do not bother too much about HOW it might all work. What’s important is that it works and you are beginning to trust your instincts.’

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