Keeping people stupid

April 3, 2017

The vast majority of humans in this age will end up living and dying and yet they will be no closer to the truth. That is because no one owes them the truth. Another reason is because the truth has never ever been easy to get at – that is why for centuries thinkers have always been feared by all establishments. As since only this group of individuals question and more importantly think, they can only be perceived as troublemakers by the custodians of power who will do anything to hold on to their monopoly of power.

Once this truth is known – then you would have absolutely no problem whatsoever in understanding why no one owes you the truth…..least of all those who keep harping on that their version of the truth is the truest. In reality for the truth to remain truthful so that most people can consume it like cattle – the ‘truth’ will always need to massaged by the necessary additives of sugar coated lies by the apparatus of mass assimilation to always appear wholesome, good and the only way to gainfully make one happy and successful.

All other versions of the truth except this one version of the truth that has absolutely nothing to do with the truth will and must be destroyed in the name of the common good.


‘When people are kept stupid. They behave exactly like cows in a stupor. They go about their daily lives with roughly the same processing power as tying one’s shoelaces. Just like one of those dumb animals walking round and round turning a mill stone all day. When the sun goes down. They amble back to their pens and tomorrow it all starts again.

Regrettably this is the state of mind that most people find themselves in – and should you ask me why this sad condition continues to persist, it is simply because it serves the imperative of those who are in power to perpetuate stupidity rather than to empower the individual to be freely emancipated with the power to think.

The thinker I imagine will always be somewhat disruptive to the status quo. As since he is accustomed to asking inconvenient questions, ‘why is it like this and not like that?’ He is hardly the sort of man who will just take and run with anything that offcialdom throws out. Since he will always question, compare and contrast from what is so often forwarded as the ‘truth.’

Such a person can only be perceived as dangerous.

That is why if you happen to be able to think and even enjoy it. My advise to you is to pretend to be as stupid like the vast majority of humans…do not be too opinionated, allow everyone to even believe that you are enamoured by the next season of game of thrones and if possible talk only about the wisdom of Pokemon Go. Talk often about the latest smart phones and avoid all heavy subjects even if you are encourage to do so….as that may well be a trap to flush you out. Should anyone ask you what is your opinion concerning X,Y or Z just reply with a blank expression whether they’re interested to share a grab car – this way you will always be well received in this world.

As the very moment you behave otherwise then it is not so different from a sane man living in a house filled with mad people….they will all gang up and kill you as you are so different from them.

You better wake up and pretend to be just another mad man! This is what I have been doing all my life.’

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