Beef noodle recipe

April 5, 2017

The recipe is so-so. But what’s exceptional is how the Chef cures the beef by letting it stand in cold water and boiling it to remove scum to prepare a clean and tasty broth….that part is really quite exceptional.

Beef at times depending on source and season tends to come across as gamey. Now if you want to cut the animalistic smell add in some sliced ginger or tamarind paste during the first boil. Or when it’s standing in cold water to drain out the blood.

Pay very close attention to the parts and sections that is cooked. Beef depending on which part is cooked tends to behave very differently. Not all beef parts will soften when cooked for long periods. Some sections such as the tigh and hind will be unwieldy and difficult like leather.

I also feel the broth is missing briskets and bones for added flavour. May be a good idea to combine chicken stock to provide the body of the beef soup as well.

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