It’s all coming around again

April 6, 2017

There is an outbreak of flies in the kampung. Some say it’s the biggest infestation of flies they have ever seen. The honey gatherers say it comes from the Southern coast of Thailand. Then the fishermen swear, it comes from across the straits in Sumatra, brought over by the capricious easterly winds. Then there are those who insist the flies are all natives.

Food vendors have begun to hang everything from dried chillies to their old socks to ward off these pesky critters. It’s very hard to eat in the open these days without swallowing a dozen or so flies. Even the kampung schools are holding round after round of fly catching competitions where kids are encouraged to devote all their free time to more inventive ways to trap flies.

The arrival of the flies signals that Mother Nature is finally coming to it’s own after a two year spell of crazy weather. This is all too easily lost to many….as it presages the advent of the first monsoon of the year.

Soon the red bill flowers will begin to bloom as the temperature begins to dip markedly in the night. The morning dew will sweep down from the distant blue mountains. Usually this is followed by the haunting hoot of the Burung Tukang (nightjar), known to all as the keeper of first monsoon….as their insomnia inducing hoots heralds the approach of the rainy season.

The rains will bring the frogs followed by the lizards and behind them the snakes along with the eagle, owl, monitor lizard, badger, squirrel, mongoose, monkey, cuckoo bird, king fisher, guppies, tadpoles, snails, earthworms, ants, spiders and finally the farmer.

Nature is finally healing herself….she’s shaking off the blues and coming around.

I must strike when the iron is hot!

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