April 8, 2017

Anger … is the mind killer…that is why whenever I come across an angry person I will tell him or her to go for a brisk walk, forget everything and return only to that which has caused him or her uncontrollable grief AFTER everything has cooled down … As anger is a malevolent force….it is good for nothing except maybe finding loads of trouble that you don’t need.

I understand some people may think anger has the potential to be a positive force that can be channeled into something interesting, passionate and even supply the fuel for drive and determination.

But these people are misled and if you follow them…they will lead you to hell.

I don’t think it’s any of that unless you happen to believe it’s a great idea to live next to a volcano or a nuclear reactor. Doing that just means there could well be a river of lava flowing thru your living room one day or waking up only to find that you have grown another head — it’s useless….anger that is…and even more useless is the idea that something so useless and dangerous can be harnessed intelligently to be productive …Anger is just a train barreling at full speed without a driver.


‘Every battle begins and ends in the realm of the mind. Whatever follows thereafter is simply a bi-product of what occurs in that domain.

This essentially is the sum total of the art of war…..if you walk into ANY kendo hall in the world. You will see this theme being repeated time and again. The master is facing off against five or maybe six opponents. They have sorrounded him by forming a tight circle like a noose. He is confronted in all possible directions….there is not enough of him to go around.

But despite the remarkable odds…the final outcome is the same. The master wins practically all the time.

To the untrained eye this appears to be merely the application of martial skills. But nothing can be further from the truth….as when one observes carefully. One is able to tease out how the master has been able to seek out those who are mentally weak in this group. Notice how the master irritates those who surround him….he is always seeking to find the weakest link in the chain. Once that weak point has been discovered. The master will proceed to use it as the skeleton key that will pry open the door to the defeat of the others.

All it takes to unravel the others is this ONE angry man……

It all begins by seeking out the angry mind – as that is mind that is weakest….as the angry mind is incapable of holding on to any form…it is the direct opposite of focussed and directed and purposeful energy and is in every sense a great diffusion of energy very much like a fool swinging an axe as his heads smokes in anger.

Such a man can be cut down very easily…without too much fuss.

This is a summary of war. War is not about the mindless application of force…that it is definitely not… is all about keeping the discipline of a calm and composed mind.

In business you would do well to be mindful of the category of men who I refer too as the shadow warrior – the shadow warrior is a very difficult man to scale accurately. As not only does he mask his intentions. But frequently what you see is often what he wants you to ONLY see….that is to say, the battle has already begun in earnest the very moment you touch base with him….he’s constantly scanning like a machine for weaknesses….opportunities….threats…if you are impatient, he will deploy time as a weapon….if you’re rash and impulsive, he will trap you into a commitment…if you’re cool, he will flush you out to see your hand….above all study and research his discipline.’

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