How does a nation commit suicide?

April 9, 2017

Multiple recent surveys suggest that about 60 percent of young Japanese men — in their 20s and early 30s — identify themselves as herbivores. Their Game of Thrones is a television show called Otomen, or Girly Guys. The lead character is a martial arts expert, the manliest guy in the whole school. But his secret passions include sewing, baking and crocheting clothes for his stuffed animals.

“I will hide my true nature,” he vows in the first episode, as he sews secretly, shuttered in his room. “At all times, I will be a man — a real man,” he says with an air of distant regret.

This should prompt us to ask – why do men give up on being men? It seems the rot begins when many of these men witness first hand how their own fathers work all day only end up quarrelling with mummy over money or either committing suicide as they can’t handle the shame of being a reliable provider. Those who don’t end up dead don’t seem to have much to show for their life time of hard work either except to watch helplessly as their pensions become valueless while everything around them seems to be beyond their means.

Many herbivore men don’t want to relive the tragic lives of their fathers….so they go their own way.

To excerbate matters the gender gap between the traditional roles of men and women are fast diminishing. Women these days are to all intends and purposes equal to men in every respect. Frequently they earn much more than men and since they’re always harping on about gender equality in the work place…they even manage to get preferential job quotas in the work place that displaces more working men……as a consequence men give up on trying to be men and a sort of role reversal occurs – where men begin to assume the shape and form of the traditional pseudo woman.

Result: the whole country and race becomes extinct.


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