How to manage bullying with wisdom

April 11, 2017

The only effective way to manage bullying intelligently is to surgically remove all the incentives, rewards and pay outs and to replace it with plenty of painful penalties …..once this is done the motivation to bully ceases completely.


‘When one is touchy. Then not only is it very easy for others to push your hot buttons…. because they are always reliably rewarded with a heightened reaction….that will only serve to fuel them to press more of your hot buttons.

This is the psychology of bullying….it’s predicated on the reward of a reaction.

Do not ask childish questions why people are evil! Or why do they single you out for bullying. They just are…..after all even should you get an answer to that question in what way can it serve you? It cannot! So don’t spend your time mulling over stupid questions like a cat chasing its own tail….you want to do that I will just stop here and we can talk about whether Pokemon Go can save people and planet while you melt away in self pity.

Alternatively, you follow my lead and simply factor it into the game plan of life as one of those….It is what it is…facts of life.

Back to the point! When one understands this dynamic between action and the expected reward in the context of bullying. Suddenly one can become mindful of the perils of being touchy or over reacting….and more importantly take steps to exercise self discipline and control over the mind so that it becomes the very opposite of touchy to even come across as resilient, durable and strong.

A resilient, durable and strong mind does not move! It is like a cast iron mountain…other things and people can move and even shake around it…as for the mountain it is always rock solid steady.

Cultivate this attitude…..train yourself…better still consider those who choose to pick on you as your instructors.

Then not only will there be absolutely no reaction when one’s hot buttons are pressed…but because nothing ever comes out…absolutely zero… not even when it should…not even when all others expect something….and all there is, is tomb like silence like dropping a stone in a bottomless dark pit.

That can only be a very scary mind game….not any game….but a dangerous game….they don’t even know whether they’re dealing with a serial killer!

As silence and not reacting is not merely silence and not reacting…it is a form that speaks of mastery over the self….discipline…skill of arms…being able to hold a tight line where all the shields are strainght like ramrod pikes….hence it is very loud, assertive and can only be the highest theoretical form of psychological warfare….so loud that often silence can even be deafening and frequently intimidating. This is especially amplified considerably when everyone expects a response and yet there is none.

By just electing to remain quiet, calm and disinterested…so quiet that you even come across as a person who seems hardly interested to justify your actions to others. Nor do you seem to particularly interested in whose right or wrong either….when you adopt this attitude….and this alone and nothing else….suddenly the balance of power will begin to shift in your favor.

It will take time….but if you follow religiously what I have to say…I can almost guarantee you 110% the balance of power will begin to shift slowly in your favour.

Those who choose to bully you will suddenly discover they are in no man’s land…trust me, it’s a very cold and dark place…there they will struggle in this mysterious shadowy underworld….where their own minds will turn against them like one of those creatures with teeth that eats them up from the inside out….soon they will realise things and people are seldom what they appear to be – they will not be able to comprehend why there is neither a reaction nor effect and this unknown quantity will eventually be a source of their constant torment and sorrow.

This is how the tables are turned around.

Keep cool….run deep and silent….be there and yet somewhere else at the same time. Above all cultivate a resilient, durable and strong persona.

Research and study this well as in this world there are plenty of evil people.’

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