A boy who wandered out of his world

April 13, 2017

I knew I would eventually find him….after all. There are only a few places that he’s likely to end up in. That was at least what I told the tribal elders a few weeks back ago…..deep in the jungle, when they told me he had scooted off to the land of the undead.

Omo is just a teen. A month back ago he got into a fight with some of the boys in his tribe. Some of them called him a hopeless hunter (a great insult in tribal culture…the greatest slight to befall a man)….Omo must have been terribly hurt and in a fit of anger he had told them all – I will show you all….one day, I will go beyond our emerald green universe into that other unmentionable world and you will all see for yourself how I will ride the steel elephant…..the following day Omo disappeared.

No one knows where he went……some held to the belief Omo may have after all made good on his promise and ventured into our unmentionable world.

It took me a while to find Omo. But I knew on the wane of the second full moon….when the moon hugs the horizon lower than usual casting long shadows in the night – Omo would not be able to resist his tribal instincts to hunt for fresh meat….that is a primal program of all tribesmen.

That very night I ventured into a nearby banana field that’s favoured by hogs….I heard from the villagers the week before a tribesman had been spotted there wandering all by himself.

I could tell by just surveying around the banana field. Omo had survived on only a basic diet of tapioca and wild fruit…he would require meat I had said to myself….it’s probably the only thing he dreams about since he set foot into the pheriphery of the world of the undead.

That night I set up camp nearby a stream just a stone’s throw from the banana field – I had hunted a hog earlier in the day and it was turning around a large skilletted fire lashed with fresh turmeric root to flavour the night air.

Some time after midnight Omo emerged gingerly from the thicket…..he asked furtively, is that you Ah-Mak….before I could reply. Omo exclaimed, ‘I will not go back great albino monitor lizard…I know the tribal elders have sent you to bring me back,..but they’ve insulted me.’ I told Omo, Ah-Mak wants you to sit down beside him by the fire and just eat. Again Omo said, ‘I will not go back…I will stay here and I will show them all.’

That was when I lost my patience with Omo and turned to darkened bush and shouted out…Eat! Obey me!

Soon Omo was sinking his teeth frantically into the succulent meat…he wolf it all down. After the hearty meal I told Omo under the wan of the crackling fire that Ah-Mak the great albino monitor lizard had grown weary of living amongst the undead in the dream world. I went on to share with Omo I would be more than willing to trade places with him and while he stayed here to take my place amongst the undead. I would much rather make my journey back into the depths of the jungle….back to the real world and return back to my quiet life as a monitor lizard deep in the jungle.

When Omo asked why, I told him that living amongst the undead has been an unimaginable hell and for so many years all I can do is dream of returning back to my life as a quiet monitor lizard deep in the jungle.

I ended my recount with the promise of redemption….finally there is actually someone who is willing to trade places with me!

That was when a shudder of terror rippled thru Omo. Shortly thereafter Omo asked, Ah-Mak wants to go back home? Yes I replied…Ah-Mak is tired of living in the world of the undead….he longs for a simple care free life deep in the jungle untouched by the grubby hands of the undead.

The following day. I woke Omo up and told him. Now that you have volunteered to take my place in the world of the undead….I must teach you how to make use of the steel elephant. I dragged Omo to my car…all the while recounting to him the virtues of how this meachanical beast would be able to deliver him to the heart of the undead….as he can use it to travel to the flaming forest…the city.

Omo began to tremble…he pleaded with me…I did not volunteer to take your place. I growled at him and asked in a stern voice, ‘why are you changing your mind?’

He began to cry like a fearful child while I began to recount how those in the land of the undead spent all their waking hours working non stop just for the right to earn the right to a miserable pigeon hole…and since there was no game in the flaming forest (city)…the undead were forced to labor for miserable tokens called money just to fill their stomachs….I even told Omo, how the undead spent all time competing and killing each other just to live a better life and to cap it off I cried out – look how old and ravaged Ah-Mak has become just living amongst the tribe of the undead….can you not see it is a poisonous hell?

Omo began to hit himself over and over again on his chest (this is where the tribesmen believe their brain resides) as he shouted out, ‘what kind of God forsaken hellish place is this? It’s completely fucked up beyond all recognition….even animals don’t live like this!’ Soon he began to plead with me, ‘Ah- Mak we must go now. Now! It is not to late….we can still return back home!…deep into the jungle faraway from the evil grasp of the undead! Let us go now! Omo will lead the way….back home…where we belong.’

That was when I turned to Omo and looked at him only to ask….is that possible? Is that really possible?

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